Popeye the Sailor Man

So my boy signed his soul away. Well our souls :) Just kidding. Wes signed an 8 year contract with the Navy Reserves yesterday at the MEPS building in Salt Lake. I'm so proud of him! He did the oath ceremony yesterday & he is so excited! He ships out on September 21. Which means....we're getting married September 3, 2010! Mark your calendars folks! There will be a Utah reception down in Orangeville, Utah (30 min south of Price, UT) that evening, time is probably 5-7...we'll keep you posted. Then there will be a Tennessee reception the following weekend on September 11, 2010. Everyone should come to one of them if they can at all! We are so excited. We actually set our temple date a couple weeks ago, & kept it top secret, except I told Jared Bishop because I ran into him right after we made the appointment, I was so excited I thought I was going to explode, so he got to listen for a bit. & some random girl in Weston's swimming class. We're really good at keeping secrets...bahah. Well, Tuesday evening I drove to visit Wes at his hotel. We pulled in at the same time then he talked with a Navy guy for about an hour and then had to make some phone calls. But we got a good few minutes together. I love him! Any second I can get with him makes me the happiest girl alive! Then Wednesday morning he was up and at'em at 4:45 and over to the MEPS building. Then I met him there at 9. We were there until 5pm...bahahah LONG day. & Wes couldn't even leave the building. BUT, he got a Navy job, a ship date It was a long day & Wes was runnin on little sleep... & I got a little piratey. Sitting for long periods of time can do that to me. Wes & the other military guy...uh an officer? After he took the oath. Wes w/ the Navy Flag Why so serious? Muuuuuuch better! hahah Afterwards, to keep ourselves from starting to gnaw on our hands out of hunger, we went to a buffet for dinner. We saw these little sea creatures. So, I threw one on Wes' plate. I have never laughed so hard in my life. After we took this picture, he tried to put it down and it's tentacles got stuck to his fingers. He started freaking out & yelled "Ew, get off of me!" hahahahah I was crying. Don't worry, the Navy thing is totally worth it. As the spouse, they gave me a free hat, shirt and other cool things like pens. They obviously knew the way to my heart...except...where's the chocolate? xoxonavywifey


  1. How long will he be gone after you get married??? That will be so hard! I hope it's not long!!

  2. It will be 2 months for basic, that all we can do is write letters :( & then possibly longer, but depending on how much longer after those 2 months, I may be able to go with him to his Advanced school. It's goin to be really sad. I just try to not to think about it :)

  3. Rachel, I teared up reading your comment about missing him while he is away.

  4. I just realized I had not commented on the most important part, the blog entry. Got carried away with your missing him comment.

    Just want to congratulate, Weston, for working everything out for you guys--getting your ducks in a row,etc. I am so excited for you both, with this grand future waiting for the two of you to "write on it." Oh, to be young again and to have this great future ahead to look forward to TOGETHER! So happy that you could get it all figured out so you can make your plans. Everything about your wedding will be beautiful it looks like! Only a preview to more lovely happenings that comes after...


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