Welcome To The Future

Those words from Brad Paisley's song are definitely wise...unfortunately. I'm getting my first taste of Navy life this week. We were supposed to have the MEPS meeting & all that jazz today. A pipe exploded in their building yesterday so they pushed it to Thursday. Weston called this afternoon to inform me he had just been informed that it was moved up to tomorrow morning. Which is awesome, yet scary at the same time. We get to pick our wedding date sooner and finally iron stuff out. I'm just a little nervous to find out the dates that I'll be without my favorite person. I just keep pushin it out of my brain, it's sad to think about. BUT pros of tomorrow morning: I get to see Wes tonight! We get to pick our wedding date(so rad!) We then get to iron out the huge stress of what to do for school, where we'll be, when, and how long we'll be separated after we're married. We basically get to plan our next year of our life. SO, I am looking forward to that aspect! Pray for us that we can make September happen! xoxolotsonthebrain


  1. ooh, I'm feelin' the stress! Maybe you can jump in his duffle bag (when he heads off to training)and be REALLY quiet, and not leave your straightener out on the counter and then noone will know you went with him...??? It's an idea! love you!

  2. Oh, Rachel, I feel your pain. Yet, I know it will work out and things will come together for you guys. Just take one day at a time, and not a year of 365 days on your shoulders in one day. However, I also feel your joys, too. You get to be married to such a great guy and you have so many, many years----really to infinity and beyond, with him! Lucky, happy you!


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