Rachel Brinkerhoff..

...in 5 months that is going to be MY name! I need to start practicing my signature. Thank goodness my name is changing, because my current signature is ugly as sin. It looks like wet noodles on the floor.
BASICALLY, there's no ring, but we are engaged to be married in October. Or September. Our plans- wedding plans, living plans, school plans, life plans- are all based on the Navy right now.
Dear United States Navy: If you could please let my fiance & me get married in September & then live together while he is in "A" school, I would really appreciate it. Love, Me
So this is how it went down. He told me he loved me for the first time & started talking about marriage all in the same 5 minutes. Pretty awesome. He wanted to wait to tell everyone until he had 'proposed' &then all of a sudden handed me his phone and said, "Call your mom." How awesome is he? Apparently he has planned the most amazing proposal EVER. I believe him. I heckled him all weekend to tell me. Not a single detail leaked. When? I have no idea Where? I have no idea How? I have no idea Excited? You have no idea
So bottom line, we're engaged to be married.
Let me tell you some reasons why my fiance is so amazing; some reasons I am the luckiest girl alive.
1. He loves me.
2. He treats me like the greatest thing since sliced bread.
3. He's driven.
4. He honors his priesthood.
5. He's my best friend.
6. He loves my family.
7. My family loves him.
8. He has the awesomest family.
9. He has the most gorgeous smile, dimples included.
10. He likes to kiss too.
11. He loves kids.
12. He makes me laugh all the time.
13. He mellows me out when I'm on a worry-wart soapbox.
14. He is genuine.
15. He doesn't take serious things lightly.
16. He loves the outdoors.
17. He's never met a stranger. I went to the bathroom at home depot and came out to him talking to a couple with a grocery cart full of kids about how long they waited to have kids.
18. He has the most crystal-clear blue eyes.
19. He is the most patriotic person I've ever met. I'm not kidding. Unless you've met him, you have no idea what I'm talking about.
20. He's stubborn.
21. He runs. REEEEEALLY fast.
22. He is extremely expressive.
23. He is a man's man's man's man's man.
24. He can chop down trees in the forest and carry them back to camp by himself.
25. He's taking me to the temple to get married.
26. He stays up all night with a hatchet because he has a feeling something bad is going to come into camp.
27. He has amazing arms. 28. He loves to laugh. 29. He opens my door. Every door. Every time. In & out of the car. When we were dating & I would forget to wait for him to come open my door he would say, "you've been goin out with other guys, haven't you? Because you seem to have forgotten that when you're with me, the handle's always broken." I was, but I love that. 30. He served an honorable mission. 31. After we got engaged he stopped to tell every person we passed that I love him & that he gets to marry me.
32. My brothers love him. 33. He's an awesome example to me. He inspires me to be better and do good. 34. He is a hard worker. Just like Pops! 35. He makes me want to grow closer to Christ. 36. He prayerfully and carefully makes decisions. 37. He analyzes everything. Just like me. 38. He likes big dogs. He hates cats 39. He is down to earth. 40. He wants to register at Cabelas for our wedding. I told him we could. Only for a tent and sleeping bag though. 41. He loves to hunt (hello Stolworthy clan!). 42. He loses bets always. I'm still working on getting him to stop betting his body hair for ice cream. 43. He will watch chick flicks with me. 44. He's as cheesy as they come. I love it. 45. He's sensitive. Not in a girly way; in a "I just punched you in the face on accident when I was jumping up and down out of excitement. I'm sorry!" 46. He grunts. There's good grunts, usually when he sees steak, & there's bad grunts, usually when I poke him in the stomach. 47. He doesn't take himself too seriously. 48. He's spontaneous. 49. He goes with the flow. 50. He keeps me warm. 51. He eats more than 5 of me. 52. He treats me like a princess. 53. He walks really fast. I have to lightly jog to keep up. 54. He honors his parents. 55. His dad is hardcore. So is mine. This works out nicely. 56. Our moms are both amazing & think eachother are the cutest things ever. This also works out nicely. 57. He is tall, dark and handsome.
58. Weston always helps anyone who needs help, without them asking. He stops everytime a car is on the side of the road. Last week I was riding his bike back from the park & he threw his blanket over my head while I was riding. I thought he was doing it to be a punk, but he never came & helped me. I thought I was going to wreck, because I couldn't see where I was going. I said somethin like, "Oh, nice!" & pulled the blanket off to see him at this old lady's side who was pulling her weeds. I felt about 2 inches tall.
59. He is so romantic. He told me that he loves me more than starches. We're talkin potatoes here folks, this is a BIG deal.
60. He said he'll kill the spiders. I love him.
8 months of dating + 4 months of engagement= Eternal Ultimate Boy & Girl Team.
I cannot wait to marry him in September. Or October..... Or August. in the Salt Lake City Temple! For eternity. As in, FOREVER. As in, this is the most important decision either of us will ever make. As in, I'm planning the wedding, but the wedding is just one day out of infinity days. I cannot wait.
xoxoMrs. Brinkerhofftobe


  1. All I heard while I was reading this was,"aaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!"
    and,"hahahahahahahahahahahahah!!" haha! Mommy and I just both laughed hard and I listened to her go awwww and i said,"true"!! a lot!!! haha! and some times I even said awwww!! that awwww is hard to get out of me most of the time!! I'm so excited about Mrs.Brinkerhofftobe too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 61. he's willing to take more pictures than any other boy i know.....


    i laughed too. very funny

  3. Okay, we totally love this post! My husband Paul and I read this together, and we both are just so happy for you!

    I am SO glad to have another blogger in the family! I have been blogging for five years, and my family does NOT even read it!


    Thursday? Mexican food? What is your schedule?


  4. Cute and sweet, Lisa! I was trying to figure out who you were-scanning my hubbyś side of the family, then realized, oh, this is Westonś side! haha...
    Rachel, I smiled and got teary-eyed at this post! You and Weston are as "made for each other" as any couple I know! And so much fun to be with...can't wait to enjoy many times ahead with you two!!! Love you both!

  5. Gee, Rach, are you in LOVE?! (So happy for both of you!)

  6. Okay you don't have to tell me details now cause I got them here. I love this... makes me want to make a list for my sweetie, but I'd probably have a few complaints squeezed in there too! :) Im so glad you put his smile cause thats what our family always said about him. When we couldn't think of his name at first, we'd say "you know the real smiley missionary?" He even smiled when he didn't like our food. No joke. So sweet. But guess what ... your list might be even longer, you're amazing too. Sounds like a great couple here in the making! So happy for you and thanks for sharing.

  7. seriously. this just made me so incredibly happy. and salt lake temple? YAY not too far. i am beyond happy for you girl

  8. Rachel I loved the comments and pictures! David and I read them together. He said,"it reminds me of when we were young and in love!". (we're still in love, just not so young anymore). I have been cheering this on from the sidelines and am glad our"team" won!

  9. Wow, I am so happy for you. He sound like the perfect kind of catch for you! Glad you are so in love.

  10. I read this yesterday and just wanted to see some of the comments before I posted one. I know this was an important blog post for you and you did not disappoint ANYONE! Especially Weston! I am so happy for the two of you and it could not happen to any two nicer people in the world! Love is a Grand Thing and you helped everyone who read it to feel love and to know your soon-to-be-forever Sweetheart! Fabulous job, Rachel!

  11. I love this. I am so happy for you Rach! You two are perfect for each other. I have been a fan since day one :)

  12. THIS WAS ABSOLUTELY THE SWEETEST DECLARATION OF LOVE EVER! Beyond precious Rachel! I am very impressed with how perfect you two are together!! CONGRATS once again. I hope the Navy writes you back with a super positive answer. :D
    -Nikki Wilson

  13. you seriously just melted my heart 60 times over :) i can't stop smiling for you and weston! you are one lucky girl and he is one super lucky guy too

  14. Congratulations Rachel! I am so happy for you, he sounds like the most amazing man to ever walk the face of the earth! You have been blessed, there is nothing better than loving one who loves God. I can't wait to meet him.!! When are you two coming to Franklin next? I can't believe just a few years ago you were just 12 and babysitting Emma and Elizabeth (who will be 13 in two weeks!)! Now your getting married!!! Crazy!


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