We wore these costumes to the ward Halloween Party Saturday night. It was purdy fun!
We bought 2 hoodies from D.I. Didn't wash them. Go ahead, judge me.
Cut off the sleeves.

Used Spray adhesive to attach cotton balls to sweater.
To save money, we pulled the cotton balls apart to make them cover more surface area. 
For the two hoodies we used 5 bags of Jumbo cotton balls.
They were on sale for $1.86 at Walmart
Felt was $.20 for 2 sheets of black, only needed 1.
Cut out a shape I thought looked sheep-eary & then folded it in half & glued it to a spot on the head.
They weren't perfectly even, but I think that made it even funnier.

Pretty much the costumes cost us $20. It was great. & I have to say I laughed pretty hard.
These are blurry & dark, I know.
This one is especially blurry because I couldn't stop laughing. & neither could Wes. bahhhah
Trying to act more sheep-like.  Wes was a little tooooooo good.

Nothing quite like a hayride at sunrise. This is us pulling away from our bishop's barn about to embark on the best hayride ever.
  & I definitely wore it to work.
Those strings hanging down is my nametag. That didn't last long around my neck that day.

I wore it all day long. I love dressing up for work. I got a lot of good laughs out of it. Except for the one scrooge that came in at the end of the day with his significant other, which is really sad, because he totally had the wrong holiday, Scrooge is a Christmas character.  The girlfriend needed to see a doctor but was struggling to explain to me what she needed to be seen for.  While she was picking & choosing her words to use, her boy toy said, "It is really hard to take you seriously right now." No joke. No laugh. Nothing. Pure grump.  Oh well, I bet someone spit in his cereal & gave him a bad day.

After work I went grocery shopping before I picked Wes up from campus.  I was chatting with Chase on the phone & this girl was glaring at me. & I didn't think it was glaring at first till I did a quadruple take & she never let down her glare & just kept glaring.  I guess she had a pet sheep that got eaten by a dog when she was little & I was just a harsh reminder.

Later that night we were supposed to go play games w/ Kristin & Joel, but I felt really sick, so we stayed home & watched The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! Family classic. & Mission Impossible while eating popcorn. Yummo.

All-in-all halloween day was not quite what we planned, but turned out really great, still!

I just love holidays! Any holiday!



  1. i just read this at my work which is a pretty quiet place. and died laughing when you talked about the girl in the grocery store. And then had to show your picture to everyone studying English so they could understand why I was laughing :)

  2. I busted out loud when I came across the one of you two with your backs to the camera!!! HILARIOUS!!! All of them! You guys are cute!

  3. I had so much fun reading about your Halloweeny! Great story and fun to see how it was done! I can see how you two much have giggled through the whole process as it is hilarious! Can't believe the grump but then there is one in every crowd they say. The pictures were so funny! Still, no matter what you do, you cannot hide the cuteness of the Weston-Rachel Team!


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