Risky Business.

So, yesterday Wes & I went to Spencie's to play risk. It was so fun. & we skyped with Mom & Chase, too. It was pretty fun!

It was a long, grueling game.  The boys were boys & we had lots of fun.
I was actually winning at one point. That's what I tell myself.
Wes won the game. He was happy. 

Yes, no shave November began in October for us. November is going to be a long month to follow no shave October.  We just might have to dye his mustache, it is all blonde mixed in with some brown...it's making it a very scraggly looking stache. bahah

We also had Chicken & Dumplings for dinner. Yum. My favorite meal I've made in a LONG time.
& we watched a Nat'l Geo documentary on Osama's last 3 days of life. So interesting.

I was feeling some intense patriotism watching that show! Don't mess with the US of A!

The boys were all deciding they wanted to be SEALs. Well, Spencie & his roommates.  Wes has wanted to do SEALs his whole life. That's a whole different story.
Anyways, then we had some visitors last night, Dave & Melissa, Spencer & Jacob, & Jenna.

It was a pretty great sabbath to follow a pretty great weekend!


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