I am terrible at taking pictures lately.  Literally I fail in that department.

I brought our point & shoot to the bonfire Friday night. Took maybe 2 pictures. Before we left of Spence & Weston.
Saturday, great day, worked all mornin/early afternoon & then we hit the gym & then grocery shopped & then watched LOST all night. It was the most relaxing evening I could have asked for. I was in heaven.
Sunday Chad's farewell that a.m.  Tyler, Bri & Brett spent all day at our apartment, then Jenna & Jordo joined later. Then onto a family dinner that evening. Where I might have shoved my foot in my mouth & down my throat just a few times.  But, again, no photos.  I'm sorry to fail & have nothing cool to put up here. Please don't give up on me!

Work is great though. I LOVE my job. Can I say that enough.  Wes & I have been working with more future plan ideas. The Lord works in mysterious ways, that's for sure.  A dear coworker of mine, Joan Pehrson, passed away on Saturday.  She had a vicious cancer that she had been on all sorts of medications making her so sick for the past 3 years. Her face & whole body was so swollen & she was so sick, but came to work the past 3-4 years like that.  She went home last month. It was so sad. We all cried & cried. She passed away Saturday.  Let me tell you, though. She was an incredible lady that helped so many people here at the health center.

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  1. Really sorry to hear about your coworker, Rachel. That was sad. Also glad you could do somethings you enjoy, too! The problems with health and insurance are not fun. With Weston being so busy, it is great that you have things you enjoy like your job and I'm glad you aren't right in the middle of college work yourself so that you can be a support to your Sweetheart. Mostly good things happening with you two!


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