My hubs.

Is a political junkie.  So is my Grandmother.  It's so good to have them both in the same family, because now they can talk all their political stuff to eachother ;) OH & Wes started a blog. I guess my pretend listening wasn't coming across as totally sincere, strange. His blog is great though, & I'm actually excited to read his stuff online! I think you will too, he's a pretty hilarious guy!


btw. his tagline is ALWAYS. "Just livin the dream!"  So, it's pretty fitting.  He's amazing. & politically nerdy savvy.

Follow his blog & you won't be let down.

1 comment:

  1. Wouldn't miss it, Rachel! Nice that you have separate blogs and you can feature things that interest you. I always enjoy all the fun pictures you post and reading your blog is like listening to you talk to me, too. Thanks for posting fun things for me to read!


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