Wanna know where my inspiration for my 2 hour workout came from?
If these people can do it all day, I can do it for 2 hours. At least when Weston's working, other nights it is just not feasible. Anyways, do you watch this show, too? I catch it online when I have down time in the phone room (I haven't been in the phone room for about 3 weeks, so it's been a while).  But I love this show!
I've always been a sucker for reality TV though, so I've had to discipline myself & not watch much. It helps that we have 0 cable, not even basic. Bahah, so really this show every couple months is all I see. However, one day this week I got home for my lunch break & saw that Wes had left the laptop home. So I watched it.

Does anyone else tear up watching this?

bahah anyways, just thought I'd give this awesome show a shout out.

My parents have a sweet gym set up at the house w/ an elliptical by a TV. So a few summers ago I lived at home & I would work out on the elliptical every day & watch Biggest Loser. It was always inspiring. & I just love everyone's stories & I love cheering them on in their successes! I think I love it so much because I can relate so well. I have always had to work to keep myself trim. & I mean really hard. Constant discipline, which I'm sure many of you understand, too, but it's exhaustive. However, I've continued to work hard.  It's just seemed the past year I just started gaining & Last Christmas I decided to make a change & so I started to, yet continued gaining. It's been a rough year on my body. But I will keep on working at it & trying my hardest! Just like my friends on Biggest Loser!

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  1. Your Aunt Julie loves that show, too, Rachel. I don't know much about it but could use some inspiration in that area. I've become more inactive as I've gotten older and that isn't so good. The mission will help that so that as I help people I am helping myself, too. Good deal all the way around! I appreciated your post and understand your pain!


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