This pretty much sums everything up right now.
(Except he sent this to me expressing his math homework experience.)

I have had about 1,000 doctor's appointments in the year. I know I shared with ya'll the thyroid stuff & that alone involved about 7 different doctors aka bills.
Not that they're hugely expensive that we can't take care of, but it's hard to find the time (during office hours) since I work during office hours, to call & get them paid. & I don't feel comfortable writing down my card info & putting it into the mail going 7 different directions. So, I call them all.

There's the Grandview bill for the ultrasound.
There is the Riverwoods bill for the Radiologist.
There is the Central Utah bill for the ultrasound
There is the Pathology bill.
There is the Radiologist bill.
There is the thyroid bloodwork pathology bill.
Luckily I got a free physical & girl appt. so those 2 Dr. visits were covered 100% by insurance. Thank you Blue Cross Blue Shield.
& I found out I have a bill at a collections agency from APRIL that was never sent to me. But no, I can't pay that through Central Utah, I have to call the collection agency.
Wowzers. A bunch of little bills to call & pay.

& then Weston's 2 MRIs have not been covered by his insurance yet, we've had to jump through rings of fire to do all the "steps" they require for paying for "high expense care." Or atleast that's what they told us.  So everything apparently automatically gets marked as pre-existing & we have to PROVE it's not preexisting. This has included writing a detailed letter explaining he hasn't been seen by a doctor in the past 6 months before he got put onto that insurance last summer. & then having all of his medical records faxed to them. & that doesn't include getting & submitting all the medical consent forms to those doctor's offices to RELEASE the information to the insurance company.

My brain hurts. 

& I have been working out really intensely for the past 2 months. I even had a 2 hour workout on Tuesday night. I'm beating myself up. But don't worry, my body hasn't shown any signs of responding to the working out. Or the dieting. & I've been doing a good job.  Not eating past 7 (unless we get home late), smaller portions, little or no sweets. Things like that. Snacks between my 7:30 a.m. breakfast and my 2:30 p.m. lunch so I'm not starving. But nothing.  Does anyone have any advice? I think I am going to see an endocrinologist to discuss my low thyroid levels with them, to see if that's my problem.  No matter what I've done in the past year, I've kept gaining weight. & believe me, I don't share my woes with people unless I've been putting in an honest effort, which in the past has given me results.  

& I'm working 2 jobs between the Health Center & Branbury. & Weston is working Branbury & has his head buried in school all the time. With WHICH he has done EXTREMELY well! He's taking 18 credits & works & will come out this semester with A's & B's. I do not know how he does what he does.

& we're trying to figure out our career route, Wes doesn't want me sharing yet what the options are, for certain reasons, but firefighting is still in our deck of cards, and he's still doing Emergency Services Administration as his major & we're staying at UVU, but as far as post grad plans, we'll keep you posted, but it has also been in the front of our brains. You could say all four burners have been going for far too long & I am mentally & emotionally WIPED! :) But boy a vacation break has never been so needed or wanted as this one next week.  Thank you pilgrims for sharing food with the Indians. & thank you Indians for showing the pilgrims how to grow that food.  It makes for a great holiday.

Anyways, I'm sorry to vent on here. Just thought I'd let ya'll know why I'm too swamped to breathe, therefore leaving no creative juices for the blog! I love you all though! & know that EVERYTHING is okay & we're fine. Just exhausted, but what's new? :)



  1. :( I'm sorry. When I'm finished with my swamped week I'll make you din din.

  2. I can relate, especially with the insurance stuff. Insurance is the worst!! After Juno was born, I was dealing with three, yes, THREE, different insurance companies to get everything covered (hers, mine, and a supplemental policy I used). And then, after all our delivery bills were finally paid, we had her surgery/body cast stuff to deal with!!! I have a file of Juno-paperwork that is 6 inches thick.
    And also, the weight gain thing... I, too, have been gaining weight steadily for the last year, no matter how much I try to exercise and diet. Let me know if your thyroid is the problem for you--maybe that's my problem too!
    Wow, sorry for the novel. I sympathize, and I hope everything can settle down for you. Stick it out! You're awesome!

  3. Those were two sweet posts! yay for sisters and friends! It's crazy stuff with a complicated world and busier people than ever...!!! I don't like it! Way too much time is spent on these kinds of complications/headaches for sure!! I am excited for you to see the endo dr.! I think it's smart! I feel the exact same way with my weight but I'm close to 50 and so it's to be expected! You possibly could be working out TOO hard/eating TOO little...I hear that can be a prob (a prob I've never had...lol) I love that Weston's doing well at school and also your blip about Thanksgiving! Super cute, Rach!!

  4. I love that picture of Weston! That's how I feel a lot of the time, too.

    I feel your insurance pain. What. A. Headache. My babesters was hospitalized FIVE times last winter. He also had surgery and ER visits. We just barely got all of that paid off, and now we're heading into winter again. He is almost nursery age, but I'm seriously not taking him to nursery until summer. Paranoid? Yes.

    I feel your weight gain pain, too. I trained for a marathon this summer. I've dieted. I exercise regularly, but nothing changes. Too bad lypo and tummy tucks aren't covered by insurance. I'd be all over that! ;) Let us all know what you find out at your appointment. I know there are more people in the same boat!

    P.S. I would LOVE to look like you! :)

  5. so sorry! that stuff can be a nightmare...i totally know. i have thyroid issues and see a really great endocrinologist up here in SLC if you're ever looking for one. i hope they figure it out soon! it can be extremely frustrating.

  6. Rachel, this post really stressed me out FOR YOU! All of that sounds so hard and tough. Life is just plain unfair! Why does it have to be so? Guess maybe it is meant to be that way to toughen us all up, make us stronger. Sometimes it makes you want to throw in the towel though. You keep hanging in there and know you have a thousand that are rooting you and Weston on and care deeply for your success! I loved what your friends and family have already posted on here. See! You are LOVED!!!


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