And it begins.

Twister Season.

And worrying.  Every year tornado season makes its presence known in Tennessee.  & usually in my neck of the woods, for some reason Nashville, Liepers Fork, Fairview & just over to my neighborhood always gets hit hard. In high school the house behind mine was leveled, the house next door lost it's roof. & we lost some shingles. hahah. Angels? I think yes.

But now again, I have to stress during Tornado Season. & especially w/ the ENORMO trees all over the yard. Check out the weather report on last night's storm.
Severe Storm Reports

by Meteorologists Tim Ballisty and Chris Dolce
Updated: February 25, 2011 6:00 am ET

Here is a look at severe weather reports that have accumulated during this first major severe weather event of 2011.

They include reports of thunderstorm wind damage, tornado and large hail as nasty thunderstorms marched through Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Kentucky and northwest Georgia.

The vast majority of the reports were damaging winds (blue arrows) with a total of over 200. There were around 9 tornado reports in Arkansas and Tennessee combined. One additional tornado was reported in far southeast Missouri.

A couple of the tornado reports came from the Nashville, Tenn. metro with the most substantial damage in the Percy Priest Lake area.
(courtesy of Weather.com)

(hopefully when we live in Knoxville we won't be hit, bc apparently it's not in Tornado Alley!)
I am all too familiar with the tornaodo sirens that were installed in Franklin while I was in high school.  They are at the soccer fields my games were on & they would test them some Saturdays before tornado season, to make sure they're workin alright before they get to be used.

When we helped Weston's family move into their house.  We slept at Grandpa Brink's/his parent's house that night.  In the middle of the night I woke up to a tornado siren. My heart fell & I was shaking Weston "Wes, there's a tornado, there's a tornado!"  He woke up & kind of walked to his parent's room sleepily, where his dad was already up & dressed.  Someone's house was on fire & since it's such a small town, they use sirens, to alert the volunteer fire fighters. Dave, being a UHP, went over to help out with the fire.  I got teased pretty bad for that one :) Sorry, I can't deny my TN roots!  Apparently Utah doesn't have tornados, since the one anyone talks about was the one in SLC over 10 years ago!

But let's remember the people in the south who get hit with these monsters!  Everyone down in that neck of the woods...BE CAREFUL!

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