Dress For the Occassion.

Convo this a.m.
Husband runs out to start the car.
Me: Is it cold out there?
Husband: No, you'll be fine in what you're wearing!
(excited to not pack my snow coat today, I've had too many days of lugging that thing around to have it sunny & 40 degrees outside.)
This is my outfit:
(that's my size too, obviously)
We walk out to the car.
'uhh...it's really cold'
but didn't want to make us late...we leave
Husband drops me off at class.
I get to class
Professor: "Coldest day in 3 years! Did anyone notice the especially cold morning and freeze?"
I have felt like this all day:
& wishing I was wearing this:

Creepy? Yeah, I thought so too.



  1. so cold in rexburg, my car wouldn't start this morning. suuuper fun. :)

  2. If you think it's cold down there, you might not ever want to move to Driggs. -30 this last night. It was -23 when Phil drove to work at 8 am.

  3. your new font is hard to read... you should go bac to the old one... this one bends my brain... just a suggestion...

  4. It has been in the 70's in FL, but it seems like everyone else is getting bombarded with cold and snow!! How did you get the cute font, by the way?? :)

  5. I have to agree with Spencer, Rachel. Sorry! However, you post was really good. I wasn't happy that you were so cold but it was so well done with all the photos and very fun and interesting, too. Thanks for sharing your life and STAY WARM! It is hard for us, too, these days to stay warm in usually moderate Tennessee.

  6. Ew, I hate cold weather, too bad Wes is draggin me up to that cold Idaho tundra!
    Melissa, I commented on yours w/ instructions!
    & Spencie & Grandmother, I changed the font! Better? :)


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