I figure long days & long nights are part of the college life. So I don't complain about it much.
But seriously,sometimes it gets really draining & I think I put too much on my plate.
We leave at 7am so Wes can drop me off & get to work.
Tonight we won't get home until 9.
Tomorrow night we won't even get to leave Provo till about 9.
I love college. I love my education. I love what I've learned & I love every non-profit event & every research group meeting. but seriously. these 14 hour days not even including the time when we get home trying to scram up something for dinner is exhausting & tiring.
Not to look forward or anything, but I'm trying not to get too bad of senioritis & just totally drop everything I'm doing & be apathetic towards it all. I'm trying to keep jazzed & motivated.
Sometimes I'm better at it than others.


  1. Poor baby! I mean it! But YOU CAN DO IT! One day you will look back at certain times in your life and say "how DID I do it???" keep on truckin' little one...

  2. I have also had those times, and I have looked back at it and realized Someone was carrying me through it all! You will look back and with those very same feelings, Rachel. If it helps, you KNOW we are pulling for you here and soon you will be looking at this all in your rearview mirror! Keep your chin up, Sweetheart!


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