What's your track?

The above cycle is the BYU-Idaho track system.
Which to be honest, I am not fond of & I am slightly rebellious about.
I think assigning when someone can go to school is dumb.
 BUT BYU-Idaho runs things on it's own system. It definitely does not go with the norm.  Weston & I have been contemplating a lot lately where he should finish his undergrad, he's just a couple years off.  But it's been a tie between UT & BYU-Idaho.  UT was just about 3 times more expensive than BYUI. So, we decided to finish the undergrad there.  Weston's track assignment is currently Winter-Spring. Which is not ideal to say the least. He's taking online classes right now for Winter track, but he's deferring for wildland firefighting this summer...so basically, he would only have his online classes for a year. SO we decided. Hey let's apply for a track reassignment for Fall-Winter, so that he can do firefighting during the summer & then school the rest of the year, till he graduates. We applied. & found out this morning we were denied. But he's still deferring to firefight this summer & we found out he can take an unlimited amount of credits as night classes in the Fall. So I guess he'll be workin & doin night classes in the fall! Or maybe just 16 or so credits of night classes! The opportunities are endless :) & then next year he'll get on the fast-track & go to school year-round.  He only has a couple years left & then off to Law School!  3 cheers for debt free undergrad.  Thank you BYU Idaho for being $1,600 a semester for tuition w/ lower living expenses & everything else.  Now back to my job hunt.  Argh!



  1. when are you coming then? and good luck finding a job. near impossible. unless you want to be a dancing banana...:)

  2. YAY! I am glad you are going to Rexburg. Hopefully we will be able to join you in the NEAR future.


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