Happy Weekend in Bicknell!

After Wes got off work on Saturday we took the 3 hour drive down to Bicknell, Utah, where his parents & Grandparents live.
It was an awesome drive w/ perfect weather & an even better weekend!
We had so much fun & love being able to live so close to his family that we're all able to get together!
Sunday afternoon we barbecued on the front porch.  The weather couldn't have been more perfect.
Since when did 50 degrees feel sunny & warm? yikes.
Grandpa brink is in layers & freezing in 80 degrees, so with a little coaxing & lots of blankets, we got him outside with us!
Tash & I settin up the dinner table!
Twitch is always by his side.
 The chef & his mantula. 
 Kellbell makin the french fries!
 Kia knows how to party right.
 Twitch, Grandpa Brink & Mama Joan


  1. Oh how cute, Rachel! I really love the pics of Grandpa Brink! And especially the last one with Joan and his cutey patootey doggie! Twitch couldn't look more adorable!!

  2. Your grandpa is adorable! Sounds like such a fun weekend!


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