Date nights

 Wes & have some really good couple friends from our ward which is so fun! We're able to get together for FHEs, Game nights, etc. it's been really fun & lucky for us too because most the people in our ward are above the age of 70.  & I love them all. 
Wow okay, anyway, so we got to set Joy & Ben up & we had a really fun night!
 Yeah, a million pizza posts :)
 Ben & Joy made an enormous calzone!
Yeah, when we have people over we eat in the living room. Don't judge. Our pathetic Ikea chairs have broken & we can't buy new ones!  So if more than just Wes & I are there, we are out of luck on seating!
 This face looks pained,but this is his "MMM, Oh my gosh, Yumm" expression.  He's probably about to do a fistpump in this picture.  Food is a celebration at our house.
 Dino-time before Walmart.


  1. You are making me so hungry for PIZZA! and a snow storm is coming and I don't need to be on the road and I don't need the calories and it is an outrageous thought---for me! Nice you have these lovely friends to have fun with, too!

  2. I'm catching up on your blog. Your entries crack me up. I'm dying. "dino-time."


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