You & Me, & Me & You...so happy together!

Last weekend was the best. I've already talked about that. but seriously. it was. 
We even got a date of our very own!
& we actually spent money on it!

 We first went to Walmart where I dreamed of buying stuff to make Wes a nice button up shirt. We even picked everything out for it...and didn't buy it.
Then we ended up at YoZone.  Yum Coconut FroYo w/ Mangos, Kiwi & Blackberries...oh shoot, I'm drooling.
But it was amazing & I haven't been there since last summer!
 He was so happy!

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  1. So is that yogurt, Rachel? I have never been to Sweet Cece's Yogurt shop locally. I have heard it is great but expensive! Glad you could fit in a little fun! Sometimes it is forbidden but not this time, huh! Love you!


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