Coupon Clipping

This past weekend was a wonderful, peaceful, stress-free one.
Friday night we got to chillax & it was wonderful.
Then Saturday we went on a wonderful hike :) see previous post.
Then Monday Wes had work, but I had work & school off.
Lucky Me!
I got up early w/ Wes & took him to work at 7 & then began my errands!
It was a busy morning, but between it all I did some awesome bargain shopping & got all these groceries for $21, Yay, me! 
I cleaned & organized the entire fridge.

Hoorah, dirty fridges could make me gag. We're clean people, but holy cow. ew.
 It was a wonderful weekend!


  1. Let me just say (coming from a neat freak): your fridge makes me happy inside. Haha!

  2. bargain shopping is the way to go!

    i love hawaii, but i must say the most exciting thing about moving back to the mainland = GROCERY SHOPPING! a gallon of milk is 5 bucks here, and i get happy when 5 or 6 bags is less than $90!

    i'm not complaining, life here is fab, this post just makes me feel excited :)

  3. Thanks for the reminder, Rach! I need to clean MY fridge, too! Bargain shopping is the best!


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