I'm not sure if it's due to being hunched over a sewing machine Saturday & Sunday or if I slept on it funny, or because my backpack weighs that of a large child, but this is how I feel today.
Apparently this thing works wonders & is the key to my comfort
p.s. this past weekend was the best one I have had in a long time. Want to know what we did? Relaxed. Did homework. Watched movies.  It was bliss. & expectationless. & dead-lineless. & perfect.
Sunday we even had time to read a book for a few hours together before the superbowl. Which was a flop & I'm glad I had a project to work on through the not so awesome ads & HORRIBLY terrifying half-time show.


  1. ahhh...so sad. Definitely the sewing! But you won't ALWAYS need one of those lovely blue things every time you sew-I promise! So glad you had a GREAT weekend and so sad the Superbowl was a flop-at least it was a close game...always a good thing!

  2. ugh... that halftime show was scary.

  3. I didn't even watch the half time show as they have not had the best reputation for being such a good show--in years. I loved the game though and I was screaming for "my" team! LOL Sundays are the best for a change up in routine and to be able to relax some, especially for young people. Personally, I relax too much!


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