V. V. V. Valentine's 2011!

Valentine's Day was amazing.
I woke up to hearts all over the apartment w/ reasons why he loves me. & they even went in time order starting with our first date in April 2009.
It was hilarious, because I had things planned for that morning, so I set my alarm for 5a.m.
Little did I know, Wes had his alarms set for the same time. He woke me up at 6:30...he's amazing!
He definitely won.
So, no heart shaped french toast & fried eggs, but this was way better!

That day he got me from my class & picked me up w/ a Rose in tow & took me to Outback for din-din! It was amazing!
After dinner we took a trip to our favorite place:
After we got home that night I got to give him my card & gift!
This picture is with my phone. I apologize for it's awesome quality.



  1. A couple of things I have to add (since I got the story first hand). One: he turned off your alarm to keep you asleep. 2. You MADE the ADORABLE "You Are My Sunshine" sign yourself...original graphics by Rachel! Darling! You two were made for each other! That is the sweetest thing Weston did! Love you!

  2. Maria and I like to stalk married people in our free time. Totally weird, yes. I think it's because of the in-between stage we are in right now. Anyway, you two get our "favorite married couple" vote.

  3. Your Mom told me about your awesome sign so I was so happy to see that you had posted it 'cause I really wanted to see it! That was just amazing and really a very personalized and GREAT gift! I love it, Rachel! Weston, I've never heard of anything quite so nice as what you did for Rachel on Valentine's Day! You KNOW she needs her sleep! Such a sweet thing all the way around! If every married couple would treat each other like you two have done, there would sure be a lot more happiness in the world!


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