Jammie Jams!

Sadly, my camera of 3 years is giving up the ghost! It doesn't take photos as well as it used to :(
BUT here's a couple pictures of my new Jammies I made!
 & here's the final, blurry product!  They're so comfy & the best fabric ever...flannel...does it get better than that?  Anyway, I was pretty proud of them!
(yes, I said the husband makes the bed everyday, but it's not always perfect, every once in a while a sheet makes it's way out from under the comforter!)
& a close-up of the fabric!
Yes, feel free to comment on the awful hugeness of my calf, I don't mind.


  1. Adorable. I'm thoroughly impressed. Really. Sometimes, when I read what I write, it comes across as sarcastic in my head. Promise I'm not being sarcastic. :)


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