Celebrate good times, come on!

I know I have not yet posted my wedding pictures...whoops!  I'm saving those.  The pictures are so large & I haven't taken the time that it takes to load them, but I have them & love them! So in celebration of our 5 month anniversary, here are some of our engagement pictures that you have probably already seen.
My friend, Sydney Sherwood took them & I just love them all!

Some things I've learned in our little 5 months of marriage is:
  • He's better than me at making the bed every morning. As in, he makes the bed every morning.
  • He's the worst blanket-hog you've ever met.
  • He doesn't like to sleep with socks.
  • He loves cooking serious foods & is really good at it.
  • He is not a fan of doing the dishes.
  • He is proud of his really quick hair jobs.
  • He now prefers disposable razors over his electric; "Gives a closer shave."
  • He likes to dance around in his underwear.
  • He prides himself on his really quick shower skills.
  • He is really good at putting his shoes & clothes away... meaning I'm not.
  • He hates doing laundry.
  • He is not afraid of the dark.
  • He hates a car with any dirt in it.
  • He hates the welfare system & his goal as future senator is to work towards reforming it.
  • He hates hand-outs.
  • He hates when people rely on the government to live.
  • He gets angry about the news.
  • He loves the news.
  • He loves reading anything about laws.
  • He hates injustice (don't we all)
  • He likes to sing opera in church.
  • He does not like when I sit on his suit.
  • He doesn't like cords showing.
  • He thinks HD & Blu-Rays are the best things ever.
  • He is really good at building things with wood.
  • He is not the best at tinkering with electronics.
  • He's really happy in the mornings.
  • He does not do well under stress.
  • He clips his toenails over a trashcan.
  • He needs to work on his surprised acting face.
  • He likes to taste dinner before I have it on the table
  • He wears his tennies everywhere.
  • He loves traditions.
  • He loves teasing. 
  • He loves the mountains.
  • He hates that it hasn't snowed much this winter.
  • He misses his Jeep.
  • He loves me more than his Jeep.

This has been the best 5 months of my life. I'm crazy about him & love his smiles. I love the wrinkles around his eyes when he's happy.  His dimples make me melt.  He has the best laugh ever.  I love that his clippers are missing, because his hair has grown longer!  He's such a hard worker, which I never thought I'd find as hard of a worker as my dad, but by-jean I think I found him!  He is the most optimistic person I have ever met.


  1. GREAT post Rachel! I love these! You and Weston are an awesome couple!

  2. These photos always bring a big smile to my face. I have some of them on my living room table for everyone to see, too! I'm so proud of my precious granddaughter and here wonderful new husband. It seem like longer than five months, like you were meant to be together forever and just waiting to find each other! Cute post, Rachel, and it helps us know you better, too, Weston, unless she is exaggerating. LOL


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