Keep on lookin!

I checked my e-mail & had a note from meleleuca... hahah not a good sign! First contact is through e-mail. So, yeah I wasn't chosen for the job, but that's alright!  It gave me good experience with a 'real' interview, which wasn't near as bad as I thought that "real-life job" interviews went.  It helped me kind of open my views of what I want to do post-grad.  At the same time, it's kind of rude, because they built it up & I was totally flattered to be offered an interview for a totally different position than I was looking for & I thought the interview went well & then get denied hahah, kind of like being picked up just to be drop-kicked, but that's alright, everyone likes to experience a good drop-kick now & then! I'm still lookin for jobs in the Idaho Falls/Rexburg area for the fall!  I'll keep you posted on my 'real' job hunt :)

p.s. maybe they have a mailroom they'd stick me in?  I'm pretty sure I could keep up to par with this:
but only because I'm really good at tickle fights.

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  1. Sorry you lost out on that job but something better will show up for you, Rach. I know it will. I am not a fan of Will Ferrell except I liked the ELF movie and this was a really cute clip to share!


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