Friday Night....library lights?

Yeah. not so exciting.
But Weston's loving it. In all his U.S. Government glory.
 me...not so much.
I've run out of blogs to read. Facebook can't even keep up with me.  I spend so much time on campus that my homework is well caught up with by Friday...& that's Friday morning....
(just in case I forget his name, we've got it on his lappytoppy)
I think I'm starting to develop a gamer's tan.
You know, the one you get from the computer's radiation.
But I'm okay with that. the holy whiteness goin on w/ my bod was old in October.
p.s. I just saw on KSL there was an earthquake in Lehi tonight? I'm not sure it's severity, but I hope everyone's okay!

1 comment:

  1. Me, too, Rachel, the gamers tan except on my new Android phone. I was up late last night playing on it and someone needed to put me to bed at a more reasonable time! So glad Weston, you enjoy what you do, that is so important to both of you that he enjoys his work!


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