Today would have been the day Wes would have left for Illinois.

Holy cow, I'm so glad he is as tough as he is & was able to turn down his life-long dreams in betterment of our family.

I am so so so ecstatic he's here with me.  Last night he would have slept at the hotel by the airport in Salt lake & he would have left at about 5am this morning....wow, hard to believe.

 I'm so glad he's not leaving.

He would have been doing this.


  1. He left the military? Super confused! Haha I'm the newbie to your blog so i'm mucho behind on everything! <3

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  2. Wowee! You're right! So so glad, for you!!!!! AND him!

  3. Glad you don't have to face that challenge, there are plenty and enough to go around already! I am really happy that you both get to be with your loved one, such a special blessing!

  4. Thanks Mom & Grandmother :) We're pretty darn happy!

    & Jennifer, thanks for reading! & as for the change of Navy plans check out this post: http://roosfabulousblog.blogspot.com/2011/01/my-plans-just-dont-plan.html

    Life has taken us all over the place!

  5. Rachel, today would have been my Mother and Dad's 70th wedding anniversary! They were married on Feb 9th and tomorrow Feb 10th is my sister A.J.'s birthday! A little family history here.


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