It feels soooooooooooo good.

Bills are all paid.

Car Insurance.

EVERY bill is paid. & rent is due again next week. But HOLY cow, we are so very blessed. Let me tell everyone TITHING is a miracle worker!

Life is good!

Let me show you a couple of my FAVORITE tools we got for our wedding.

Calphalon Dual Cheese Plane

This little baby is my favorite.  If you know me, you know I love sliced cheese on Triscuits.  Weston hates this snack of mine because cheese blocks are expensive.  But we don't have to buy them often. It's healthy & I LOVE CHEESE.
This cheese cutter is seriously the most incredible thing. I bought it at BBB with a gift card after our wedding & my cheese cutting life is so much easier because of it.
Last night I had just washed it & was drying it off when it decided to go right through my finger. Darn.  It cuts cheese and fingers.
It was bleeding like niagra falls, but bandaids were the cure.

Another favorite gift.
Cuisinart Popcorn Popper
From the Raymonds.

Seriously.  Do they know my family or do they know my family?
We are popcorny people.
In high school this was my favorite snack:
But microwave popcorn is expensive, so I have done w/o.
Then Dani taught me how to cook popcorn on the stove..umm so inexpensive.
I would always burn kernels though...
Until now.
That popcorn maker is THE coolest thing ever.
It stirs as it pops & it has an opening on the top for seasonings & after it's all popped you just take off the hot plate & flip the bowl & the cover is the popcorn bowl.
& guess what.  Popcorn is a WHOLE GRAIN!
Yeah, I'm not even rationalizing that one, I'm getting my whole grain servings through popcorn.
I'm happy.

& just to add a story about kitchen injuries. I thought this one was note-worthy.
About 3 weeks ago I was heating up frozen spinach in the microwave for a lasagna.
I defrosted it. felt the spinach, it was warm, JUST what I needed.
I grabbed the porcelain bowl to pull it out of the microwave...
As I was just getting out of the microwave I felt it scalding my finger.
Wow, my reflexes are slow. I didn't know what to do, the table was too far away to drop it & I didn't want to break the bowl. But I threw it in the microwave, nothing broke but when I looked at my finger, it was demolished. Red & swollen already. It had a big nasty swollen-ness on it for days, but don't worry, I didn't cry, but holy macerole it hurt.
It's all healed now :)


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  1. 1. cheese on wheat thins = THE best snack ever. i seriously will crave cheese at like midnight.
    2. i love popcorn made in a popper. SO good.
    3. love to stalk your blog!


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