Have you heard about this brother?

Not from 2006.  This is from our family reunion June 2010
 This is my 17, 18 in a month, year old brother.  & he is sure to be the next Stolworthy Cougar next year!  He is the funniest person you will ever meet. & one of my best friends.

Let me just share some Spencer quotes with you.

Playing Taboo:
"This rodent often finds itself dead at the hand of its owners."
Answer: Hamster
"She has penguin friends & uses a rain protection device to fly around."
Answer: Mary Poppins

Christmas Morning:  "Danielle, your consciousness is requested downstairs."

‎"Mom, next year could you wrap each persons presents in a separate paper? That would streamline the present opening process."
‎"trying to wake up rachel and weston is like trying to align the stars."
"rachel, can you scratch my left scapula?"
"Becca! It's so good to see you. See im practicing to be a politician! You couldn't even tell i was lying."
Spencer-"Alia, text me when you and Ryker break up"
Spencer-"So that i can swoop you off your feet of course.....I'm going to have to spend 6 months on P90X."
Me-"P90X only takes 3 months spencer."
Spencer-"yea well....*points at Alia* i need 6 months."

 Him & his friend, Rob, on twin day for spirit week. so much spirit.

Spencie, Me & Wes at a BYU game fall 2010
‎"It is the seventeenth day of the ninth month of the 2009th year of our Lord and I am wasting away in the library, writing a paper about a book that I did not read."
‎*kenz tripped down the stairs into spencer* "ah kenz..the grace of 1,000 unicorns."

"I'm as bored as toothless beaver"

I spent Thanksgiving w/ Weston & his family in 2009.  Spence & I were texting & I was telling him how Wes was going to take me bunny hunting.  Spence texted me, "Do you even know how to hold a gun? Be careful; nothing kills a relationship like a bullet."

Seriously, this kid KILLS me.  He is the funniest & wittiest person I have ever met.
He has a facebook fanpage that his friends made. You just have to imagine his voice. Very dry humor. Very deep voice. & best humor ever!

Spencie & I in Dani's classroom


  1. I couldn't agree more! And you need to sit next to him while watching Megamind! His contagious laughter is the BEST!!

  2. Hahha, I literally laughed out loud multiple times!!

  3. Love this! And LOVE playing taboo with him! I wish we had written down the things he came up with from the last taboo game, we were all dying laughing.

  4. Well, Spencer, it looks like you have quite the reputation to maintain! To me the best part of Spencer is his inate goodness. He is genuinely a good and decent person with wit and wisdom beyond his years. Guess you can tell, we love you a lot, Spencer! You will always be special to us! Love from your Grandmother!


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