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Wes is doing well & is so excited to be working in NM, though he says he's exhausted and sleep is the best part of the day.  My new friend, Vickie, showed me this great website that provided an awesome visual of the fire.

See all that mountainous terrain?
Well the other night I was telling Wes what I had learned from nmfireinfo.com
This is their report today:
Fire Information Line: 575-445-5234
Tuesday, June 15, 2011, 10:00 AM                                  
Acres:  25,349                                                Start Date: June 12, 2011    
Cause: Under Investigation                Location: North of Raton NM and South of Trinidad CO
Containment   5%                                       Fuels: Timber
Terrain: Steep, Rugged                       Resources: 12 Crews, 10 engines, 0 Water Tenders, 1 Dozer
Total personnel: 546                              Available air support:  5 Helicopters, 2 Air Tankers
Structures lost/damaged – 9 in New Mexico including 2 homes, 2 hunting cabins and 5 outbuildings. One cabin in Colorado

...Fire crews made good progress yesterday on the west and south flanks of the fire.  Erratic winds, low humidity, and extremely dry vegetation were all factors that contributed to the extreme fire behavior and rapid fire spread exhibited later in the day in the southeast. ...Winds are expected to be light today, allowing crews to continue building and reinforcing hand and dozer lines throughout the fire area.  Securing and mop-up of the I-25 corridor is a priority for the western edge of the fire.  Crews will work to establish anchor points to keep fire from spreading south over Highway 72 as well as keeping the fire north of the water plant.....

When I was telling Wes about how I had read that the terrain is really steep, he said "No, it's not too bad!"  I said, "Yeah, sure, by your standards!  It's probably a bunch of cliffs!"  Uh yeah, it's just as steep as I thought!  Wes is loco when it comes to being able to have a "normal person" and not super-human view on what is rough terrain hahah He's getting an intense workout every second of the day!

He has been retardented!  You know that orange stuff they drop from planes? He said that when it falls it just KEEPS pouring & never seems to end!  I'm glad he's wearing a mask out there, or he'd have some orange lungs!  Reminds me of probably something similar to THIS & THIS.  The second link is to last years & the first one is to two years' ago.  Notice those enormous slacks on Wes in the picture at the bottom of the second link? Yes, he found those & GoodWill & thought they were a good deal so he kept them, forever, even after the mish, obviously...& they are about 3 million sizes too huge for him.  Yeah, they were thrown out on a purging day I had....whoops, sorry, now you know Wes, they're missing! :)

Wow, tangent, anyways, back to it, the boy is doing good & he is doing well! As far as last night, won't hear from him till tonight!


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  1. When I think of what these men go through... Thank goodness for people like your Weston! He is not only being the valiant firefighter, but he is being the valiant husband helping to put food on the table! Rachel, you sure did get a good man and so happy for you, too! I bet he misses you in a very big way, too!


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