Missing the hubs

He's been gone & I've got to admit, the first day was the worst & strangely yesterday was so busy it was hard to miss him while running around like crazy until about 10pm last night.  But when he's gone who's supposed to walk with me to the mailbox at night? Who is going to kill the spiders?  Who's going to make the bed?  Who is going to mess up the bed  and torpedo the covers in their sleep?  Who is going to sing made up songs about me?  Who is going to wake me up way too early really cheerfully?  Who is going to watch documentaries about some animal with me at night?  Hmm, well yesterday they arrived in Albuquerque and got pre-positioned.  Today he will be put on a fire in AZ or NM!  I'm liking this pre-positioning dealio, hoping they do this for a long time.  But he says his count to 21 days doesn't start until they're actually on a fire.

He sure loves his job, though!



  1. i feel your pain! karl gets back today after being gone for 6 weeks! it makes you appreciate all the things they do - you can do it!!!

  2. Rachel! I feel your pain! This is gross, but almost every night I have a cockroach in my bathroom sink waiting for me (is there a hole in my pipe or WHAT??). I HATE COCKROACHES more than any other critter on the planet! And dad is not here to kill them...last night my visitor got drowned to death with hot water (yeah, I was faster than him!!). I'm so creeped out I can hardly stand it! I feel your pain!!!!

  3. Tell him "THANK YOU" from Conner and Alissa! The fire is AZ is right by Conner's cabin!

  4. Thinking about you and Weston and Chase and Danielle and miss all of you! Praying for Weston's safety and your sanity (haha, missing him so much!) Give Chase a love for me! I'm looking forward to his return and his stories! Love you, Rachel!


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