So, like I'd said earlier...we planned on going to Moab.

But our best motto is the best plan is no plan! haha
Thursday afternoon we were planning on leaving, but we were informed Wes can't be more than 2 hours from his fire department in Spanish Fork.  Moab is 4 hours.
SO, we flipped our plans and went 2(.75) hours to Capitol Reef National Park.
Which happens to be twenty minutes from his parent's house in Bicknell!
Perfect, because we were planning on making our way to Wayne County to see Dave do the Memorial Day speech on Monday morning at the Memorial Service.
We took off Friday morning instead

He's just so cute, I can't even stand it!
Lots of pictures of the husband, he's a trooper & changed his pouty-"I'm sick of smiling for pictures" face into a smile for the pictures!
So thrilled about our 3lb. tent!

So, this is where the funniness kicks in.  We have a few pictures with this Capitol Reef sign when we're there!

So, we pulled up the Geo & there was a row of cars in front of us.  We pulled up & the guys at the stop came & glared at us around their cars, there were about 10 of them.  I thought they looked like the mafia.  We waited till they left to get out of the car for these pictures.  Anyways, so a minor detail. We had not told Dave or Joan we changed our plans to Capitol Reef. We needed more water Friday night so we drove into Torrey, my favorite little town in Wayne County.  We passed the Capitol Reef hotels & at the Best Western there was a huge group of bikers & rough looking men.  At the Chuck Wagon, we passed 2 cops from Grand County..hmm weird.  On our way out of Torrey Dave sent Weston a text to call him.  So we did, Dave & Joan were up in Price with Tasha, who had had some issues & was at the ER.  He called to assure us she is okay, & told us he was glad we weren't in Wayne County because there was a huge terrible biker gang there. Bahah.
Basically, these guys are called the Mongols.  Rivals to Hell's Angels.   They're rapers & murderers.  Terrible people.  They have to do horrific things to become part of the gang.  Their national conference was this weekend at SunGlow.  Between Torrey & Bicknell.  So, everywhere down there was SWARMING with Mongols.  There were 700 Mongols staying in towns that normally have 300 people.  The UHP had caught wind of this & had 100 state troopers down there to patrol.  The entire state of Utah has 400 UHP.  It was crazy.  & so hilarious, just because we were right by them

Cute fire boy!
Yummy Breakfast. I have never met someone who loves tortillas as much as this boy!
But seriously, our breakfast was so good...sausage & egg breakfast burritos.
Saturday afternoon we went for a four wheeler ride up in the mountains by Bicknell!

The rest of the weekend we spent low key down in Wayne County with the Family!
Dave with some Mongols.
Saturday night he told us some INSANE & gruesome stories about these people, their lack of respect for life or anything holy.  Wes was carrying around a gun.

Monday morning we went to the Bicknell Cemetary for the Memorial Service, sadly Dave was not able to speak because he had to work.  Then we came back to Provo & tackled our apartment & tried to finish that dang desk....a million trips to Home Depot...& the drawer guides are too thick.  It's trouble.

Then we couldn't figure out why Weston hadn't gotten his first week of pay on Friday like he was supposed to.

Turns out the guy in Albequrque who took Weston's case forgot to process it. Yeah.  Can I please ring his neck.  & Tyler brought Wes his bike from Idaho Monday night...it was stolen before the next morning.  It could be really bad start to a week if we wanted it to, but don't worry, we're resilient! :)
Also, I'm on hamster duty.  Dani is nannying for 10 days, so I'm babysitting the little hams...they're at our apartment...that'll be a warm welcome home for Wes!

Also, we're doing good! My internship is coming to it's end quickly, wow time flies!  Summer weather rocks & I'm so happy the sun has been peaking out!



  1. Loved 'hearing' this story again! CRAZY story, huh? Glad you survived! Also...you have TWO hamsters? It seemed like it from your story...fun fun! Did Dani adopt another one? We are having a GOOOOD time in NYC! Miss you! Love you!

  2. your buck & doe turned out so cute :)
    love them over the bed.
    i have a feeling we'd be good friends with our extremely nature-y husbands.
    we may or may not have 2 tents set up in our house at the moment.. uhhhh that's normal, right?


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