Polar Bears have been my favorite animal since I can remember. It may have started with a polar bear stuffed animal that is still SO dear to me.  But anyway, I just about died watching this! I would love to cuddle with a polar bear one day....well if it had no teeth...or claws. But check out this video! I'm not sure what it's saying because I'm watching it at work...soundless... but they're just so CUTE!

BYU Polar Bear Research from Brigham Young University on Vimeo.


  1. HA! O.K., while Spencer and I have been in NYC, we came across something polar bear-ish (can't say what) and he said "That's Rachel's favorite animal"...well I had forgotten that and took it kinda lightly...now I need to find it again, buy it, and send it to you for your birthday (which I haven't forgotten! lol!

  2. The movie would not post so that I could see it, Rach, but it sounded like something nice. Who doesn't love a polar bear, but not within claw and teeth distance! Today I saw the cutest preview at the movies called "Happy Feet, 2" that looked darling all about chubby cute little penquins. I didn't like the first Happy Feet because of the political message in it but maybe I would like the 2nd one. The "Cars, 2" animated show looks really quite cute, too! You mom loved the Mr Poppers Penquin movie with Jim Carey in it. I think it was his name! Anyway, have fun at the movies!


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