My husband is a wildland firefighter.

I have been missing Wes like crazy.  at 7am a week ago we said bye & haven't seen eachother since!  We have been lucky enough for him to have service where he's gone so at night we've been able to talk for maybe 10 minutes or as long as he can possibly stay awake.  Sunday his crew got called to Taos, NM, which he's actually near Raton, NM.  The fire that he is a part of is called the Track Fire.  You can follow information of it on nmfireinfo.com we got to talk last night for about 15 minutes & he told me all about the fire apparently "as much as he could without scaring me to death"  Great, really comforting, right?  So, pretty much, he just told me funny stories, but boy was it good to talk to him.  I haven't talked to him once without crying at some point in the conversation about how much I miss him.  But I am so proud of him.  He is such a hard worker.  I can't think of a more dedicated worker or someone who loves physical activity as much as him.  He loves firefighting and finds pride in doing a good job at what he does.  Which is important.  People's livelihood's depend on it.  Of course, those wildfires are still a little too wild, but he does what he can with his crew to stop the fire's fuel.  Atleast to protect the homes & communities!
he sent me this last night from his cell phone.
Reassuring, no?

Please keep Wes in your prayers!  I've been prayin hard he'll make it back to me safely!  
Only between 11 & 18 more days...

p.s. Life here has been good but stressful, I've been handling a lot of stressures we'd usually take on together by myself.  Tenant issues.  Money issues.  Car issues.  I can't imagine what I'd do without him!
 p.s.s. I have not been sleepin well at all!
 p.s.s.s. is it p.s.s.s. or p.p.p.s.?


  1. Thank your husband for his help in the Track fire. I have relatives working near Cimarron and appreciate his service and your sacrifice. May God bless him with safety and a safe return to you. Our prayers will remain constant.


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