Sunday mornin Wes was back to his Sunday morn norm...making breakfast! 
I told him if he didn't want grease stains he better wear an apron, so I got him my apron... extra girly.
I'm pretty sure he was feeling extra manly & thought he could get away with twirling the skirt.
 & posing like all the girls...
 Waiting for the NTB Show!
As always the show was amazing.  I got probably too much into the music.  For some reason my hair always decides to show my enthusiasm.
The afro just kept growing.
After the show we hunted down Jason, who was my seminary teacher in high school & his wife, Sonja, is one of my best friends.
Seeing his show made me miss TN even more than I always do.
Wes, Me, Jason Deere & Deej!


  1. So glad you could go to that show, you and Danielle and Weston! I am sure it was very fun for all of you. Jason is such a talented guy and I LOVE his little Maddie (in my Primary class.) She is so "grown up." Breakfast is one of my favorite meals, especially if it includes things like waffles or pancakes and syrup. These days I am eating diet pancakes and fresh blueberries. Shhh...the blueberries are not really on the diet but it makes up for the pancakes!


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