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Wow, I have not been this bored in FOREVER!  I am missing the husband soooo bad!  It's a shame that office episodes are only 17-20 minutes long...I've watched 106.  Well, in the past 3 months, majority in the past 3 days.  First day of vacation probably all day all year & he gets called on a fire!  

On the upside I did cleaning checks in 45 guy apartments today.  I can tell you I got 45 different smells in my nose today.   Ew.  Except 1 did smell lemony.  Seeing as they were cleaning checks I thought I'd smell more lemony apartments...I saw too many shirtless men, too many boxers, too many garments & too many "what are you waking me up for" looks.  Yeah, I started at 10...I still got "what did you wake me up for" looks at 1pm when I was nearing the end.  Gross, get a job. hahah sorry, that's just my opinion, anyone who can sleep in till 1 has too much free time!

I also had a clubhouse shift last night. Don't worry, I got the paperwork for a guy moving out.  aka evicted.  He was attending an online wizardry school.  I decided it sounds like a great financial plan.  Begin an online wizardry school & makeup whatever you want.

& I got a fun picture from the hubs who is living large in Albuquerque, NM.
That's my man!
He ordered a 2.5 lb. Burrito
Remember that time I told you to how when we go anywhere he asks what the biggest thing is on the menu. & that's what he gets. Every. Time.
It still rings true.
For the first time in his life, Wes had leftovers.
Due to failed project attempts.
Sewing machine won't stop jamming.
I guessed the password (that I created) on Wes' UVU account wrong so many times it's locked me out; aka I can't register him for classes like is on my to-do list.

So, in order to deflect my sadness of missing him I went to clean through old pictures & found these beauties from bowling when my awesome fam was here!
& yes it is the bowling alley (cougar lanes?) in the basement of the Wilk!

Wes is a wonderful dancer.  He couldn't carry Rhythm in a bucket. I know, wrong expression, but it fits.
& when he dances I laugh SO hard. I love it!

Watch at the end for his dance moves & my dad's awesome strike! 
please forgive my nasty cold I had!

Wes told me they have a home video of him in his school play from when he was little.  He was a giant cookie.  Well, the whole class was giant cookies. & they were supposed to all sway back and forth together for the song.  Every cookie swayed the same direction.  & then there was Weston, who probably looked 3 years older bigger than the other kids.  He swayed against the grain.  He's always been a star & stood out above the rest :)

 Speaking of awesome moves:
watch 00:01:09 through 00:01:36 of this clip`

and now compare to 00:00:15 of this

& don't even get me started on Mom's moves, sadly there are none documented from this bowling trip, but believe me, they are epic:
Yes, my dad walks by like it's nbd. Bc, really, it isn't. This is all the time.
& YES my brother & sister are in onesies. & YES my other brother is the mozart jammin on the piano.

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  1. Just enjoyed this immensely, Rachel! Cute of Weston dancing but awkward Grandma! Glad I was in the dark mostly! Your Mom and I watch SYTYCD and the wheel chair dance step was fun to watch but especially seeing Nigel trying to do it! Hope Weston does okay with all that smoke inhalation! I can't be around a wood burning fireplace for long before I sound just like that--hoarse as can be! Then I come up with a sinus infection from it all. He is in our prayers as are you, Sweetheart! Enjoy your Sabbath day tomorrow and maybe you have Chase back again by now! Hugs all around!


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