Happy Fawder's day!

For most of you who probably won't read all these words, scroll to the bottom, there are some awesome pictures there....

Happy day for you, Dad!

You are the best Dad ever!

I basically got your little pig nose, so thank you for that, because Weston says it's cute!  plus, it's super easy to act like a pig, which is pretty fun.

I think you're pretty rad.  Especially when you're building a deck for the love of your life (mom) when you have the flu.  & it's 100 degrees outside.  With 100% humidity.  That's love.

I love it when you used to gross it out by saying lovey-dovey things to mom.  Any tiny word said would send all the kids gagging away from the kitchen table, just because you don't say too many words anyway.

I love your jokes.  Even if I don't understand them.  And nobody else understands them.  I can grasp their funniness as they fly over my head, only because you're laughing so hard.  Your corniness is un-toppable.
Like Wes says "it's not easy bein cheesy!"

I like that you & I have the only blue eyes in the family, makes me feel special!

I like that you get the worst bed hair in the world.

I like that somehow in your hugeness you are able to be as sneaky as a squirrell & have the ears of a deer.

You are the definition of a night owl.

Don't worry, even when Mom was embarrassed by the toilet in the front yard, Jeff Foxworthy would be proud.  I was just happy to have a working toilet again.

I loved that you could fix anything.  And take anything apart, just to rebuild it to a better working form again.  Or kind of like the time when Dani & I slammed our bedroom doors.  next thing we knew, we had no bedroom doors for a week.  Lesson learned.

I'm glad that you taught me to be nice to people.

Like dear momma, you are a service fein.  You will help anybody and anyone.  I'm lucky to have a man of my own, that encompasses the same traits!

You sure did a good job of teaching me to be honest.

You also taught me the value of hard, honest work.
You're the hardest worker I know.

You are a protector.  The best kind.  Because you taught me how to protect myself.  You taught me self reliance.  You were never a hand out, but a help up.  You always helped me out, while also helping me grow.  You'd give me just what I needed to survive, while teaching me how to do be able to do it for myself.  You never yelled at me when I was younger.  Except when I did, I knew you meant business.  The boys were the ones that grayed you, I swear :)

You taught me modesty.  Not through flat out lessons.  But I remember one time walking around the house in a tank-top.  You told me, "you're not leaving yet, are you?" "No"  "K, because there better be a shirt on over that tank top first before you step out of this house."  Yeah, I still remember that.  & It influenced me so much.  I really appreciated that.  Because even though I wasn't going to wear it out, it was the first time you've ever verbalized it, & I  knew it was important.  It taught me a lesson, thank you :)

You taught me the concept of honoring my momma!  When Dad's home, no sassiness is allowed in Mom's direction!

You taught me how to drive a stick!  I remember my first drive.
Down 96W towards Natchez. I was white-knuckled & you were telling me to drive faster; not to pay attention to all the Ford trucks passing me....

You taught me life's greatest analogy.  I've tweaked it around so many times in my head, applying it to so many different aspects of my life.  You said, "Don't look off the side of the road, what's happening there doesn't matter, if you watch the center of the road, you will always stay on the road."  [I think that lesson had to do a little bit with my ADD...I would look at someone mowing their lawn & start to drive toward them...yeah not safe]

That little lesson taught me so many things. I know that if I have my eye on the goal, my life following the commandments, that I will always make it to where I am trying to get. It will get me to the temple for marriage, it will keep me sealed to my family forever.  As long as my eye is on the center of the road...I will not fall to temptations. 

I love that you text with abreviations
Such as C U L8R or the ones that you make up.

I know that you're amazing & you never cry. I did NOT get that gene from you.  I have seen you cry once in my life.  That was during the beautiful prayer you gave & sweet little Carrie & David's funeral.  Weston swears he saw your eyes glisten in the temple at our sealing.  That sure makes me feel honored [I'll just tell myself it's true :D]

You still let me sit on your lap & don't even complain that I'm squishing you!

I love you Dad & you're the best in the whole world!

1985 such a babe
circa 1996
also 1985 they're hot
& my mom is still obsessed with Disney. We'll blame it the FL raising

Just wanted to add this cause Kristin & I were cute.
& we both have a small eye
You & Mom made some pretty cute babies!
RIP Chloe
Back when Spencie had emotions...
Yeah, I had old man knees
Not sure I was likin this whole "earth" thing
I love this picture, it was from our family pictures at the Carnton Plantation & Mom made Spencie's outfit!
nice pleats, Mom
ripped much, Dad? & I'm glad you don't wear shorts that short anymore
I also have to give Props to Weston's Dad & Grandpa Brinkerhoff & Grandpa Stevens.

They have had such an impact on his life.  I know that they have shaped him to the man he is today.  He loves them all so dearly.  I have also been honored to know them & to have learned many life lessons from them in these short couple years!  I love them dearly as well!
 I also want to wish a Happy Father's Day to my dear husband!

I was so sad when he got called to the fire a couple weeks ago, because I figured he wouldn't be here this Sunday.  I had a pretty fun Future Father's Day little celebration for my baby daddy!  But that will have to be saved for next year!

Well Happy Father's Day for all those Dad's out there that rock, but especially mine & Weston's & Weston!

Love you, Dad!



  1. Oh my goodness! What a super sweet post for your dad and all the other important dads! I loved this Rachel!

  2. So beautifully said with attention to detail and good for the memory books! I really loved this, Rachel! To be grateful is a great virtue!


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