Are my roots showing?

So I have to give a list of a few extremely spacey things I've done recently.

I'm confident in my abilities to function as a normal human being most of the time, so I'm not too embarrassed to share these:

The night before he got called to the Track Fire, Wes & I were at Walmart.  We got a redbox.
I paid for it put my card in my wallet, waited for it to eject, put my wallet in my purse & left for the car.  Halfway home I realized I never grabbed the movie.... *sparkle*

I was cooking rice the other night & I moved the pot of rice off of the hot stove, pulled the butter tub out of the fridge.  I heard a sizzling & looked around.  I had set the plastic tub on the stove. Whoops, I now have the bottom rapped in plastic so the spiral shape of butter showing through the tub doesn't get all over the fridge.

My shower handle broke the other day, but was still usable, it was just a little harder to turn on & off & now the knob turned in both directions whether it was on or off.  The other morning I went to shower before work & couldn't turn on the shower. I squoze the handle of the shower trying to grip the gear inside the handle.  Nothing happened. "Crap, the shower's officially broken." I tried a few more minutes but didn't have time to play around.  I went to the sink, had a bird bath & got ready for work.  I came home from work & realized I should try the shower one more time....uh I had definitely been turning it in the wrong direction.

Chase came & stayed with me for a couple weeks...it was SO FUN!
However, he left one of his bags at my apartment along with some other things while he was at EFY.  One night I just got out of the shower ready to pass out in bed.  I heard an alarm start going off....I thought...no...I want sleep.. I start looking all over my apartment.  Sniffing the vents for smoke...anything for a clue of what the alarm was for. I couldn't figure out the source, I looked outside & no one was circling around the building wondering about the fire alarm.  I got dressed ready to go talk to my upstairs neighbors.  I also started doing my dishes so in case anyone had to come check out my apartment, I wouldn't be embarrassed of my dishes in the sink.  I decided to make one more look around the apartment...I put my ears against walls.  Everything.  Finally I look over & follow the sound to Chase's itouch.  Yeah, it was his alarm. Only slightly embarrassing...but mostly annoying.


  1. Ha ha ha! I love it! I once called the hubsters home from work because I couldn't turn off the water to the bathtub. It turns out, one of my kiddos accidentaly twisted the knob too far and almost unscrewed the whole thing. It just needed to be turned back in the right direction. Oops. Good think I called him home from work for that! :)

    P.S. You and my baby are birthday buddies--sorta. His is the 7th. If you don't get a chance to properly celebrate your birthday, you're more than welcome to come to R's epic first birthday party! There will be homemade rootbeer, hot dogs and a splash pad! Super fun! Think about it... ;)

  2. P.S. That was an insanely long comment. Sorry! :)

  3. Great ones, Rachel! But we have come to expect it of you! hahaha...LOVE YOU!!

  4. You make the rest of us feel normal, Rachel! LOL


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