Wes had a ton of credit hours he had to burn from his first week of this season & so he had to take today off of work. So after I got off work we headed to Salt Lake to the Hogle Zoo!
It was my first time & Wes hadn't been since 3rd grade...we were so excited!
Just hanging out with turkey friends.
Except we have those all over my yard back home...I don't know why they're at the zoo!
Bad bleach job
Wes wants facial hair like this one.
I told him no Brigham Beards allowed.
My favorite parts...the elephants!
Zuri. <3
Rhino time!
The rhinos were so thrilling. They laid there the. whole. time.
I spy monkeys.

This elephant was born in 1960. Old lady Dari.  She kept throwing this stick on her back. & shaking it off.

This guy had some serious tongue issues.
But he posed so perfectly next to the measuring door frame.

Attempts of photo-ing ourselves with the giraffe
After taking the picture, we turned around to find this.  Can't see it close enough?
hahahahah "What you talkin bout Willis?"
A little Llama mixup...
He's just like my mom. Boring & reads every sign.
too cute
& now for Weston's favorite part.
The whole purpose for the zoo trip
He has been obsessed for almost a year with silverbacks.
They're the alpha male.
I'm pretty sure I could handle myself in a cage with a gorilla.
If you can't tell, it's sheer joy on his face.
this guy was pretty cool

He thought so too.
Long day at the zoo in 95 degree weather
It's been so fun having Wes home!
I have completely ignored my phone...it's pretty rad!


  1. i like your outfit!'
    especially those cute pants.
    you're welcome

  2. I like it too! I'm assuming a gift from your fav sister? Also....Old Lady Dari...circa 1960...welll....Old Lady Kari is also from the 60's-I'll try not to be offended! hahahahahahaha...great posts Rachel!

  3. I haven't been to the zoo in years either, Rachel! Next time you come into town lets go to the local Nashville Zoo with anyone that will go with us, but not in 95% weather please. I use to go to the zoo all the time with about 10 grandkids but alas, they have all grown up and spread out. I miss those fun days when you got to be with your widdle cousins and I got to be with my daughters and my widdle grands! Loved this post, loved the pics and you and Wes look amazing and so very happy, too!


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