Excited for this week!

Wes should be comin home to me this week!  I'm not sure when, but his 14 days is up on Wednesday or Thursday!  The Track fire is said to be 80% contained!  Wes says they've demolished that fire! Hoorah!  & I just can't wait!!! I hope that he comes home sooner than that! Goodness I miss his cute self!  He got to shower today.  For the first time in a week.  He started workin on the Track Fire a week ago.  He doesn't shower because there are only 8 showers.  for most of the week there have been about a thousand firefighters on that fire.... He said he talks to me instead of showering. I felt so bad when he told me that a couple nights ago.  He said when he showered he saw a ton of cuts and bruises he couldn't see underneath the dirt.  His bird baths throughout the week weren't good enough to see his whole body apparently.  Poor guy has gotten all torn up from it!  Said he walked into a rock yesterday & his shin is demolished.  He also noticed some weird bite thing above his knee...eek.  I would not want anything that could bite me crawling through my fire pants! Two days ago there were 26 crews on the Track fire, but they have let so many of them off there are only 6 crews still there.  There are 20 people on the Northern Utah Crew that Weston is on, only part of his Spanish Fork Squad is on the Northern Utah Crew, so I'm pretty proud of Wes for makin the 'cut'!

I sure love Weston with all my heart!  I can't wait to have him home again!
He took this picture his first day
He woke up to that friend this morning.
Yeah, I would have probably died right then & there!
it's nasty, horrifying & has some serious wart issues


  1. Oh MY Goodness...that looks like a tarantula!

  2. Weston is a real man! He has a a chance to do some real good, help his neighbor and on top of that gets a salary for doing it. He has a great job! Tarantulas are part of the picture, too, so he has a terrible job! It is the best of times, it is the worst of times...


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