Birthday Girl?

So my 22nd birthday is 2 weeks from today...

The Mr. hadn't said anything about in the past weeks....& I start talking about everyone else's birthdays a month before...however, my birthday is a tricky one, it's the hangover from independence day & sometimes gets forgotten. However, my mom always made such HUGE deals out of birthdays & my high school friends would always rent a pontoon boat to take out on Percy Priest...it was always THE. BEST.  However, it always seems to sneak up right smack in the middle of summer.  Since no one has brought it up yet, I thought I'd send Wes some less than subtle hints... 

He was on a hike in Colorado... I texted him "Guess what's 2 weeks from today!

He texted back a few hours later, "Shoot, I don't know! What?!"
"Check your calendar!"

No response.

He called tonight at 11:00 & we got to talk for a little bit before he hit the hay..then we hung up....

I texted him again "You never checked your calendar!"

He calls me: "I looked on my calendar & I don't have anything!? What is it?!"

hahahah he did NOT even catch on while looking at the 5th! hahahah I think I'll start warning him of our anniversary now  & every day starting a month before :)  He's sure cute though.  & I actually believed him that he forgot my birthday.... hahah
He'll probably be gone for it...so I'm thinking about treating myself to the dollar theater & then maybe taking myself to yogurt land, we'll celebrate when I can get him back for the forest service again for a few days :)

But props to my little brother for remembering last week..he even ordered me some lenses for my camera! To say I'm excited is an understatement, he's so thoughtful & was actually the one to remind me my birthday was so soon!  Thanks Chaser!


  1. Be sure and help him to remember, Rachel, since it makes them feel so bad when they forget special days like this. It is only the Christian thing to do! LOL I haven't forgotten your birthday, in fact was thinking about it only a few days ago. My Aunt Margaret's b-day is July 6th and you just missed being born on her birthday. I talked to her this week and she is my dad's only surviving nucleus family member. She called me about family history questions. She has gotten quite interested in it and I think people are working with her from the other side, surely. Hope your birthday turns out to be quite a nice one! Don't waste it on the Pirates of the Carribean though, dumb movie and sad that they couldn't have done more with it since Johnny Depp is so entertaining, too!

  2. P.S. sorry about the loooonnnng comment. It should have been an emailt note! Love you!


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