They're leaving TOMORROW MORNIN! 

However, probably won't be home till Wednesday afternoon... Apparently Wes' crew buddies aren't as anxious to get home to their wifeys...they apparently are going to detour along a long route to check for fires? I hope they make it home tomorrow night! They're leavin next Monday again for another tour...sooo pretty much I want as much time with him as I can get!  He'll probably go to AZ, TX, NM, FL or GA...I'm not sure which is worse, I just don't like it when he's traveling away from me!

The track fire has been 90% contained....that's AWESOME!  Those firefighter's are kickin butt out there!

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  1. So glad that it went well for Weston, despite bites, no showers, and skinned shins, etc. At least he is coming home whole to you, Rachel! I'm really happy that you all can be together again and soon! Love you!


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