Albuquerque is where Weston is!

He went to work yesterday mornin & then was called out to a fire in New Mexico.

I miss him like crazy.
Luckily I still have some company because Chaser came in town last night!  We've been partying!
Wes will be gone for an undisclosed amount of time, but since the NUT Regs are called out they'll be used for a while, because the forest service doesn't want to waste resources.  The max time they can be out is 21 days.  Wes is so excited to be camping for a few weeks straight.  Meanwhile, I am holding down the fort here at creepy Branbury!  I'm making something special for Wes while he's gone!  I'll keep ya'll updated!

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  1. Praying for Weston's safety and for you to not be too lonely! :) I'm sure you'll get some good projects done...just so sad I'm not there to join you! booo! Love you! Have fun with Chase!


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