Hammy Nanny

 Dani has a 10 day nannying job, so naturally, I was put on Rodent Duty.  They miss her though. Tubby misses Miss Stolworthy's 4th grade classroom.

 This is Tubby, slightly scared out of his mind, he wouldn't quite smile for the camera.
 Mr. Fluff...Poofy...uh... Mr. Fuzzball (?) on the other hand is ready for his close up.
 Modeling his water bottle.
 Too cute. & enormous fluff-butt.
 again, the butt.
 Blue Steel
It just seems pure animal cruelty giving such an enormous hamster such a small wheel.


  1. What year is this? That looks like my hamster and I was in Ms. Stolworthy's for 4th grade!!!


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