Last night after work we needed to run some errands at Walmart.

I had to do my frequent run to the restroom. On my way out I passed a teenage girl who looked at me so sheepishly & said "You're really pretty!" It caught me so off guard. I smiled and thanked her. Wow, what a difference that made to my evening. I was tired and feeling haggard after pulling 10 hour days at work so that I can attend Weston's graduation on Friday.  Overall, I am tired & a little worn out from the exhausting months and with the anticipation of a lot of responsibilities coming up. I did not feel pretty. But wow, did that girl boost my mood! Thank heaven the world has sweet people like her to buoy us up!

People are so kind!


  1. That is so nice!! You ARE so pretty! I had a feeling I should thank the man in the subway picking trash up today and I didn't because I thought he would think I was weird! My biggest regret all day!

  2. Rachel...this melted my heart! I agree with Ashley...you ARE so pretty and that's not just your momma talking! :) I also LOVED Ashley's response...it's a great reminder to us all to open our mouths...


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