Weekend Madness

On our LONG 1:10 hr flight to Mesa!
Have I mentioned I love the Provo airport?

And I love that we got to park there for $14 total for 4 days? Happy.

The trip to Mesa was so fun! We stayed with my brother-in-law's parents who I met about a month ago. They were the kindest hosts & truly made us feel like we were at home while there.

It was a very quick trip for the wedding.
We pulled into town around 11a.m. where my dad & brother picked us up & we went to the temple for Dani's endowment session.

After the temple we went to a taco shop for some grub! It was delish & we all got a little bit too full.
That night was the Groom's dinner which was incredible. Seriously, Sherie is great at throwing parties!
We had a delicious southern style dinner w/ a picture of Robert E. Lee on display even.
Everyone gave great toasts to the new couple & then before we knew it it was Friday.
We all took the morning pretty slow & easy.
I did my mom's hair & Sherie's friend came over & did our make-up.
Then I realized I was supposed to be at the temple for the wedding & had not yet done my hair. as in it was in a huge messy bun on my head.
I hurried & tried to tame my mane, then Wes & I ran out the door w/ our trusty chauffeur, Chase.

After the beautiful ceremony I tried not to die from the heat.
& then we ran back home to the Kent's where I scarfed some food down because I hadn't eaten all day!
Then I forgot, again, that I needed to do my hair...it was as though I was going to work, not a wedding.
I'm pretty sure I was smoking the reefer or something.
BUT, I got my hair decent & we ran out the door for pictures at the reception hall.

It was gorgeous! Danielle had picked out the most beautiful flower arrangements. I have not seen a more beautiful wedding!

Danielle was so happy & I love that her & Sean are so happy together! They make a killer pair & I'm excited for their life together!
They are on their honeymoon right now in the Virgin Islands where Weston & I also honeymooned & then they go to TN for their reception July 8th, then back to AZ to prep for med school where Sean will start on July 31! Yay!!!

Busy, busy! 

My pregnancy woes did not give me an ounce of trouble over the weekend, which was a huge relief, because I really did not want another ER bill. My goodness, our medical bills are draining us like you wouldn't believe.
And I can barely sit/stand for a minute at a time. My back has that killer pain where I guess the sciatic nerve is, but it doesn't send shooting pains down my leg like I hear sciatic nerves do. Bottom line, I was the most useless bridesmaid you can ever imagine. I sat the WHOLE time.  The WHOLE TIME. And then I left before clean-up. Everyone was so nice & understanding, but still, I felt bad.

Saturday my family left & Weston & I hung out w/ all the Kents! It was so fun to be there for Dani & Sean opening their presents! Party!

They got a lot of nice loot & then that night Wes & I took them to the airport!
The next a.m. the poor Kents were taxi service again & took us to the Mesa airport at 5:30 to catch our 7a.m. flight!
We slept the entire flight home, then slept through church that day & all afternoon & then went to bed last night a 11 still. I think we were tired.
I feel so rested today, though. Hallelujah!  Now back to the daily grind of real life!


  1. Maybe this is weird I'm commenting, ha. I went to school with your sister. Your back pain sounds like what I have with my pregnancies- it gets so bad I can't walk. But, what helps is a pregnancy support belt tight around your hips and physical therapy. Also swimming in a pool,to take the pressure of the baby off your back and hips. Hope that helps you, maybe!

  2. Thank you, Rachel! That seriously helps so, so much. I thought I'm just doomed to crippling back pain! I'll definitely try those things!


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