Attack of the tracker jackers.

This morning as we were leaving for work/school, I asked Weston to take a picture of my pregnant self.

I noticed that there was a wasp circling him. I ignored it thinking it was just hanging out on the driveway. It kept just buzzing around his legs & looked like it was about to fly up his shorts. I tried kicking it & Weston looked at me confused. I told him how there's a wasp that's been sniffing around his body while he was taking my picture. Then the wasp started chasing me. We were both running in circles like hyenas. 

We finally escaped him, jumped in the car & started driving off. I noticed there was a fly in our car when we got in & I was bugged. 
I swear the flies down there ride into our house & car on my shoulder.
I have a very "keep the door shut" policy at our casa to prevent bugs coming in. Simply bc if it is a flying bug, it likes to fly circles around my head all the time. I swear bugs are out to get me.

Back to my story. I'm driving  notice a buzzing sound in the car and just assume it was that dumb fly.
I look back & it was the wasp!! It was in the car w/ us!
Such a determined sucker. I have no idea how it hopped in with us. I rolled down the window & he was happy to leave.

This reminds me of the time that we were managers at an apartment complex in Provo. The apartments came furnished & when we moved in our furniture was a little worn down. SO, when it was a semester change, we went to the apartment above ours & switched out some of the furniture!  Well, when we were carrying down blinds, YES blinds. Our blinds did not cover our window all the way & we lived on the first floor. Talk about feeling vulnerable.  So while we were carrying down these full sized patio blinds a wasp started chasing us. It was going for blood.

Weston took off running like I've NEVER seen before. I was laughing so hard, because the wasp chased him down. Those are territorial flying things.  The only problem is they like to build their home attached to ours. Then they attack us as though they were there first. They were so not there first.

By the way we're 23 weeks along! I'm so very happy. This girl is STRONG too, even a few weeks ago I felt her pushing against my stomach & I could feel her back or bum with my hand! Last night she did it again, but she's MUCH bigger this time.

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