Happy Birthday to Me!

Work is a ghost town today! Feel free to stop by & have a dance party w/ me in the lobby!

Weston's aced his husbandly birthday duties!
He texted me every minute leading up to midnight starting at 11:35. Score.
I was up that late because I napped A LOT yesterday. I did some serious gutting of our junk these past couple days & planned to organize & get it to look all nice & pretty, too....but then I remembered I'm pregnant & don't have all the energy I usually do to gut AND organize things in the same day.
SO I gutted. I love a clean & organized house. Step one is almost complete.  I will be finishing that in the next few weeks!

Ah, happy fourth of July! I did step outside to watch fireworks, though. I also drove up to the Traverse Mountain Outlets, too, to check out the Gap Outlet's amazing 50% off everything sale and got Weston a nice, soft pair of shorts. That poor boy can't own enough shorts. He has a low tolerance for heat.

All in all it was a seriously successful.

Our entire house lost power for a little over an hour yesterday, too, so I organized & gutted my shoes, too. I feel like a new woman.

It seriously feels amazing to not be nauseous, tossing my cookies, or too tired to even do my hair anymore.

I've also been so busy the past Saturdays of the past few months, too, so even once I started feeling better, I still didn't have any time on my Saturday/cleaning day to do anything. The next month is extremely busy, w/ more photography jobs/work & a couple more weddings!

He's so cute! He sent this to me at 11:50 last night! I would call him weird, but I love him too much.
He was really hyper & most likely had too much caffeine.
He also is very excited about my birthday.

I am excited to see him tonight after I get off work, I haven't had time w/ that boy since Sunday. I miss him.
He's been either working 48 hrs at the fire dept or 12-midnight at ERs. Our schedules royally clash. 
All. The.  Time.
Sometimes I forget I'm married, until our baby gives me a kick in the gut & I remember who gave her half of her chromosomes!

We're going to see Despicable Me & I am SO EXCITED.

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