Oh happy happy!

I had another doctor's appointment today! After a stressful few weeks we had a check-up last week at the perinatologist's office that was nothing but good!

Today we had an OB check-up & happiness was just floating through the air! For the first time this pregnancy I could tell my OB was REALLY really happy about how things were going. I always sensed a nervousness coming from him. Today he was really happy & said that he is very excited with how she is progressing!  He also informed us he will be shocked if she stays inside until 36 weeks even... Anyone up for a Halloween party? Ah, crazy. He was optimistic that she'll be developed though & may need to be in the NICU for a bit, but that she should be fine! Uh, if that's the case we need to start prepping our hospital bag just to make sure we're prepared!  Going to that visit today was so reassuring & just has me happy as can be! We are so excited to meet our girl & cannot wait for her to come, except we can wait until she's healthy, though!  Time is just passing so quickly & I cannot believe that we only  have 4 months left until our due date...meaning if she comes AT 36 weeks, we have 3 months until go time. Wow, that's surreal.

It has been so exciting, she started kicking hard enough for me to feel it on the outside & she kicks/punches ALL the time. She's an active little bugger. I cannot wait to meet her.  Spencer said he's so excited because she's already practicing her soccer skills...uh oh, be careful child, your uncles are very eager to teach you their ways...

I am now getting heartburn/indigestion regularly!  Those kicks & punches are worth every second of discomfort, though. It's incredible & truly miraculous!
Every marriage needs someone to play the girly part.
No one knows how to have a good time quite like avocados.


  1. You're funny.
    So exciting! I have a halloween idea if she comes a little early:
    Sushi. Perfect for newborns.
    Spencer would love it. And this is pretty creepy because I google searched it because Sara's nephew was sushi and this picture is sara's nephew! Craziness.

  2. Ahh! Yay! I'm so glad everything is going well! Halloween would be fun. :)

  3. Rachel, I could just feel the optimism and joy from reading this blog! So happy for you and Weston! I pray there will be enough hours in the day that you will get done all you need to do and also, get your rest, too. I'm looking forward to little baby boo making her appearance in the fall. It will be nicer for you to have her birthday not so close to the major holidays so you can have more time to celebrate her! Love you, all three of you!


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