Baby Update

 We had another perinatology appointment yesterday which means more ultrasounds! Happyhappyhappy!
 She was in a really tough position to get a profile shot!
Her head is down (hooray) & her head is SUPER low the u/s tech said, making it really hard to try to get a picture of her face.
Here she is though!
Her head is arched all the way back!
She has grown so much since last time & is so so cute!
She is now over a pound!
Her head is about 80 percentile. She's got a Stolworthy noggin!
Her femur length was average at 50 percentile
& her tummy diameter is over 90 percentile! 
Looks like a cute little pot-bellied baby!
I can't wait to kiss that little belly!

I've labeled the U/S to assist with any confusion :)
It helped me if I held the picture upside down and looked at her face that way! She's sucking on her bottom lip!
It's so awesome to see her on the sonogram TV. She was so active and flipping all over the place, the tech had a hard time trying to get the measurement pictures.  They checked her for all sorts of malformations and ailments & as far as the ultrasound showed, she looks GREAT! Her brain, heart, kidneys, stomach, bladder and other major organs are functioning properly, her legs/feet and arms/hands are all developing normally. We could not be more thrilled.
We will take her any way she comes and love her to death, but it calms our minds to know she is doing well and is healthy.
She had her hands up by her face and just looks cozy and can be!
We love our girl!

So many people have asked about names. We are having a hard time narrowing it down (I'm actually the one being fickle). We will be going to the hospital with a list of top favorites and, when we see her, I'm hoping one of the names will jump out!

We also got word, for the first time, that if she doesn't come earlier they are going to induce me at 39 weeks.

We have loved all of our doctors and they are all very caring and sit with us and answer every question we have without giving a feeling of urgency or rush.
So, at the latest, little girl Brinkerhoff will be born the week before Thanksgiving!  I'm so so so in love!


  1. i love that you get so many ultrasounds! keep updating!

  2. Haha, Danielle! Funny! Oh I love this and wish I could see all those pics up close and personally! She is adorable already and I can't believe the DETAILS! Percentages...WHAT?? Very cool! Can't wait to hold our little bundle!!

    -Gammy (to be)

  3. Rachel, you have done such a nice service to help us keep abreast of how things are going with you and your incubated little miss. I can hardly wait to meet her in person. Thanks for the labels on the pictures as it helps me a lot to understand what I am seeing. Love to hear about all this information you are getting. Isn't modern medicine great! Glad you are getting all of this great help! Love you guys!


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