Another boring life update post!

Well this summer has been eventful! I like to call it the summer of weddings!
My sister got Married in June, my best friend in July & my sister in law in August!
I took pictures for all 3 of them as well as quite a few more this summer! It has been a blast & absolutely exhausting!

We sold the Geo this month! We were so excited & our buyers (Hi, Knotts!) were thrilled, too! We were happy to have one less car insurance bill & they were happy to have the college car for their daughter!

Since then we've been down to one car, which is fine, because we're really good at sharing. I have to admit, though. This week on Tuesday when I took 3 trips to Salt Lake in one day, I was ready to pull my hair out & was on the verge of tears at the end of the day from pure exhaustion.

Weston is a good sport & is very understanding & I appreciate his patience with me!

Last week was jam packed with lots of events! Most of them fun!

My aunt & uncle were in town to take my cousin to the MTC!
They came to church with me last Sunday & I loved it!
It was so fun to have family there in town & even more fun to not have to go to all 3 meetings by myself! Weston & I have been together to church I think once this summer. He has worked every Sunday.

Here is us at James' 'last supper' at Brick Oven. 
He was impersonating something here, he normally has a sweet shy smile on his face!
It was such a fun meal & I haven't laughed that hard or eaten that much atleast since I was home in TN a few weeks ago! hahah!

Jenna got married on Thursday! Wow, it was beautiful! I'm so sad because my phone died before the reception, so I was unable to take pictures, but it was GORGEOUS!
Isn't her dress stunning?
And it begins... swollen feet!
Weston was supposed to be at the fire station until this morning at 7am in SLC.
I dropped him off on Saturday morning & then Sunday morning I got a text from him that said that the ambulance's engine had caught on fire. hmmmm
So, I got to get him early.
Saturday I had a photo shoot & I was so wiped afterwards that I went home & showered & then slept all day long with my towel on my head. & my back hurt so bad later that I left the couch only for necessity after that!
I went to pick up Weston & figured I'd just wait in the car, but as
I pulled up, one of the firefighters invited me into the station, because it would be a minute.

I went inside & hung out with everyone forgetting about my bush head. When Weston came out from his room after he'd finished packing he said, "Oh, whoa, hi babe! Your hair is....huge."
hahahah I'd totally forgotten about my mane.
  I took this picture one day last week. It was a 4a.m. wake-up day. I wanted to die. Seriously.
BUT we survived the week & I slept every second I could this weekend! 
 Wes was a good little minion at all the fire stations this summer, just like an intern should be!
Here he's doing the dishes while we waited to get his final paperwork signed & head on our way!
He was so excited, this was his last clinical shift for his paramedic program. It's been an extremely taxing & very rewarding summer for him. He is such a hard worker. While averaging 100 hrs/wk he also was taking two other classes this summer. Do not ask me how he does it. I got tired just having to wake up early to TAKE him to these shifts...not even having to work the shifts also.
Also, we finally bought our baby a suitable dresser :) We have had all of her clothes collecting in a cardboard box. As we get nearer to due date we are figuring we need to start making space for our little bean!
We've made some good plans of where we'll put everything & I'm excited, because Weston's dresser that we dumpster dove for with Sydney a few years ago, that my mom refinished for us, will now be an awesome changing table! I am so excited! It's the perfect height. I daydream about those future times coming up. 
A few thoughts on our new awesome life that's about to come.
I was talking to Weston about how happy I am that I have so much experience with children. Starting when I was 12ish I was babysitting almost every Friday & Saturday nights for different families. Neighbors, ward members, etc. It was my pocket change that funded my movie nights with my friends, or generally, started my college saving fund.

As I got into high school, I started nannying during the summers & after school. I was so blessed to be able to nanny the world's sweetest children from great families. They had such structured lives that the children handled bed time very well & they were really sweet kids. They still had tantrums, health issues & cried during different times, but they were great children.  I told Weston how happy I am for getting that experience & being very familiar with babies/toddlers/children.

I do get nerves of the permanence of having a child, though. I feel guilty because we have wanted her so bad. I have known she was meant to come to our family & has been waiting in heaven for us. Yet, I still get nervous thinking, 'WOW, this is our last time together alone. FOREVER.'  But then I remember that this is how families begin, this is the starting process & it's a part of life. I am reminded that this is what life is all about; family. I have LOVED my family & even though I was an accident child, I love being so close in age to my sister. I am excited to hopefully give our children a great childhood like I was able to have.
 I am so excited to meet our little one & care for her. I know I can handle it & that I will grow to handle motherhood. I know the part I will struggle with most is the lack of sleep. I have never been a pleasant person on low sleep. That will be a challenge, but we will cope! :)

Those are just some thoughts on life & our peanut that's about to come.
We found out we were pregnant at about 4 weeks. Seriously, I thought it was going to be the slowest nine months of my life. Honestly, it's flown by. 
July is almost over...huh?
Don't ask me where time has gone. I am so glad it's passed quickly, though, because this has been a very challenging summer. Weston didn't have an income, yet was almost gone from the house as much has he was during fire seasons.
We were stretched thin on finances, yet, ends were always met. We have always been blessed that way. Now we're down to 4 months until our due date & possibly 3 or less until she comes. We're hoping she stays in the oven that long!

We have started feeling a little more frantic about preparations as we're about 23 weeks & my doctor gave us a good scare of preterm labor last week. We need to start prepping a little more seriously!

When did you pack a hospital bag? Also, when did you have your car-seat snapped in & ready to go?

These are things we have realized we need to start figuring out!

Also, I've asked a few people, but how do you feel about bumper pads on cradles/cribs?
I'm calling for any & all newborn gear/prep advice! 
Also, affordable jogging strollers? We've narrowed down to a few of our favorites, but I'd like your feedback!

Baby carriers? I'm all for being able to hold my baby with me, but be able to use my arms, too! What's your favorite baby carrier? Moby Wrap? Ergo carrier?

Any other suggestions feel free to shoot them my way.
Any favorite baby items you couldn't do without?
We only want to buy what's necessary, but not miss out on a secret life saver!

Weston has his paramedic graduation on Friday. WOW, I am so proud of him! He is so excited & I know he'll feel elated after being done. He still has to take his class finals for his paramedic courses & take his national certification test, but he's hoping to take the national certification test before Friday so graduation is THAT much sweeter.
Then he has his math final next week.
Wow, he'll be able to breathe before starting it all up another 20 credit hour semester for the fall!
He is cranking it out hard to graduate in December, a semester early!

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  1. We have an ergo baby and have loved it. I use it around the house (especially during all our moves) and out on hikes. It sits just right that the weight feels evenly distributed and it doesn't hurt my back! We have no bumpers and I don't think we've missed them at all.


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