Kickboxer Material

The little bun in the oven has been jumping/kicking/punching for joy over watermelon! At least after I eat it. I love feeling her move! Weston would put his hands on my belly every night that we were together & try so hard to feel her little kicks. No avail, they weren't strong enough yet at 19 weeks! Then I get to TN & literally the 2nd or 3rd night I was there I felt her kicking & thought "Those are really strong kicks!" I put my hands over her & there it was! I could feel it from the outside! I called Weston & told him! He was so excited, but also so bummed that he had to wait about 10 more days to feel it! Poor guy!  He's been working at a fire department since I got back from TN so I won't get to see him till tonight, but he is so excited to feel her kicking & moving! Monday night during The Bachelorette I was laying there w/ my hands on my belly & all of a sudden everything inside felt very tight, I pushed over her & rubbed my hands around & realized it was her bum or back pressing against the front of my stomach! It was the mos amazing feeling! I was so excited! Also freaked out with how strong that was & we still have almost half of the pregnancy left...she's only going to get bigger! I think she was pressing to tell me that Zak is a lot better than we thought & that he should probably be the next Bachelor!

Anyway, there's just a little fetal update for you.
Our little bean is growing like a weed & we get to see her tomorrow on the sonogram again! I can't wait!!

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  1. I just love reading about your pregnancy updates.. I'm so excited for you!

    Also, Jonny and I (yes, he loves it just as much as I do) were watching the bachelorette last night and both agreed that Zak should be the next bachelor :)


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