Pregnancy Survival Guide For Husbands

This book is our pregnancy bible.

A little bit after we found out we're expecting a baby I went to Barnes & Noble looking for THE perfect "Dad" book on all this stuff.
I read through a bunch of Abstracts, but wasn't loving anything I was reading.
Most of the books have validation points & basically try to calm the nerves of becoming a dad, etc.
Those were not the kind of books I was wanting to get him.
I wanted one to help him understand a little more about the pregnancy process & for him to be even more excited about the growing baby, too!  I found this book & honestly, it's been a LIFESAVER.
I research all day long what's going on with my body & where the baby is. This book has gotten Weston excited about all of that stuff, too. It covers a wide array of topics that are good for an expecting dad to know about pregnancy & what his wife is experiencing! It also covers how to understand some of the things he's feeling too. It's awesome!

It's been SUCH a good book & Weston has LOVED it.
Seriously, he laughs so hard while he's reading it. He doesn't have a lot of free time, but he squeezes it in if we are sitting on the couch relaxing randomly. It's really fun & he's constantly saying "Did you know...!?"  I usually do, just because I love learning about the human body & am obsessed with studying all this stuff while I'm at work. I love researching these kind of things, but it has been fun to be able to talk about it with Weston.

We got our copy on Amazon.com, but probably paid 2x as much as this amazon copy (I can't remember)
But you can find it HERE through Amazon.

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